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Today, I was out with my girlfriend at a club. As a slow dance began, a guy approached and asked, "May I cut in?" My girlfriend surprised me by saying, "Sure!" As I was about to protest, the guy cut me off and said, "Sorry miss, I was asking him." FML
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I hope you danced with him as revenge for your gf saying yes. That would show her!


He should have. Not very often does a guy get asked by another guy to dance

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May be wrong but I would've said yes just to surprise my girlfriend

Maybe I'm the only one thinking the other guy wasn't gay but actually had an ounce of chivalry. Like asking if it was ok for him to cut in with OPs girlfriend? Maybe I'm way off base there.

I think you're really off base. If he was asking permission then I wouldn't consider this an FML moment.

He wasn't asking to dance with dudes girlfriend he was asking to dance with him

I would definitely allow my bf to dance with another'd be so hot!

i think you guys are missing out i think he wanted to dance with his gf but he basically told her to shut up because it was her boyfriend's call to see if he was okay with it

lol if he's smart he did. That's what his supposed girlfriend gets for being willing to dance with another guy when she has you, especially right in front of you. The OP should have went out there and got his freak on!

I think I agree with #45, it does sound like he was asking the boyfriends permission to dance with his girlfriend

#45: If chivalry means that women aren't allowed to speak up or make decisions for themselves, then I don't wanna be a knight anymore.

171 - if your girlfriend is so readily going to jump the chance at dancing with another guy right in front of you without considering your feelings then you never were one to her in the first place OP - dump her ass for being so thoughtless.

171 if that's what you took out of my statement you were never even close to being a Knight. I wonder how you would approach that situation? Just ask the girlfriend and then laugh at the guy if she said yes? Or would you have a little class and ask the partner of the person you are interested in dancing with permission to cut in first?

If I was OP I would have looked at my girlfriend and said look I still have options

#171 I think that in this case it means if you are a guy trying to dance with another guys girlfriend you ask him first. And I'm assuming that the reverse is also true: if your a girl trying to dance with another girls boyfriend you ask her first

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Chivalry sucks. Can we all just stop covering it up with "being polite to ladies". No, you're opening doors for her because she's weak. You never hit a lady because she's weak. Chivalry is dumb and sexist. We should be polite to everyone, not hit anyone, etc. If chivalry was from everyone to everyone, the world would be better.

107: Yeah, that's how I interpreted it. This FML was written pretty ambiguously, so it's no wonder it's causing confusion.

I hope you danced with him as revenge for your gf saying yes. That would show her!

Wow that girl is not meant for you, take that man's hand and dance with hum!

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why because she said yeah? I dance with other guys all the time and my bf does not mind at all. Especially because he hates dancing and encourages me to dance with others. That doesn't make either of us a bad boyfriend or girlfriend.

you are obviously a special case. Most men would object to you dancing with other men aside from close friends and family. I hate dancing, but I would be damned to hell before I let my SO dance with anyone but her best friend/family/me.

That's a little egotisical and controlling isn't? I can get not wanting your SO to not dance dirty with others or take slow dances with strangers BUT people are there like to party. If you can't trust your girl to not go have fun on the dance floor with a couple of friends, then maybe you need to take a look at your own issues. You can't keep a girl from cheating on you if that's your worry, and if they're not going to stay faithful it's time to say bye- not "Here's a contract of what you can and can't do". And honestly if you're going to restrict her of her own damn social life, I wouldn't be surprised if you do get dumped for someone else.

Obviously you don't understand what he was saying. He said he's fine with his SO dancing with others, such as friends, family members, etc. But he does not want her dancing with complete strangers, and she shouldn't want to anyways. If she wants to dance with strangers, she should do it while she's single. Not while in a committed relationship. Maybe I'm the only one, but I'd much rather share dances with my SO, and only them. Unless I'm with friend or family. But even then, my SO would be my main choice.

How stupid can you possibly be #47. Did you not read the FML? The man cut in to dance with the BOYFRIEND. And no where does it say anything about cheating or OP not trusting her.

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yeah you guys are right. After re-reading it and reading all the comments, I realize you guys are right. Not everyone is the same and my bf is not the jealous type. Sorry about that x)

Actually the man technically asked the boyfriend to cut in but without more information we don't actually know that the man wanted to dance with the boyfriend. It could be, as some others have pointed out, that he was simply asking the boyfriends permission to dance with his girlfriend. Not that he didn't actually want to dance with her, just didn't want to deal with the angry boyfriend and felt her permission wasn't enough. Technically when asking to cut in the first person you are supposed to ask is whoever the person you wish to dance with is dancing with, then if that is a yes, ask the person you want to dance with if they wish to dance. Because it does you no good to get permission to dance with someone if the person they were originally dancing is going to be hovering around going "Umm excuse me, excuse me but I was dancing with her first"

I wonder how many of the girls on here who think a guy should have no problem with this would also think it okay if a beautiful woman asked to dance with their man?

This was a response to another person, not the OP. Jesus Christ...

Well your girlfriend sounds like a bitch, but atleast you've got options.

There is never a time to start twerking hahah

Not really. It's safe to assume that the OP did not want to dance with the man and possibly had a mild argument with his girlfriend later that evening. The end.

I want to know if op broke up with her or not

#25 nah not every fml needs a follow up some I don't find amusing and shouldn't really be considered fmls

That would be correct. Some follow ups will tell you it happened years ago. Matter of fact, I've got a good one from 12 years ago, I should go post it. :D

13 - it's also possible the man was asking OP's permission to dance with his gf.

I voted YDI because you, my man, just got a compliment. And now you have something to gloat about. Hehe.

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