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Today, I went to a club with my girlfriend and her buddies. An hour in, I saw her making out with a guy on the dance floor, so I confronted her. She stormed off to the bar and said something to her friend, who then came over and angrily slapped me across the face. Yeah, I'm confused too. FML
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scissors17 23're probably better off anyway, OP. I'd be thankful it was over.

Absolutely, I hope she's your ex girlfriend now, it may hurt but as #1 said you're better off without her

I'm pretty sure she said something like "I caught him making out with another girl" to her friends

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Well, I hope you left her ass right then and there and went after someone else while you're there. I figure that if you're in a club, you might as well do something instead of standing around and being extra bored.

Those crazy bitches with those crazy ass friends... FYL

OP should have slapped that crazy ass bitch back. That girl had no reason to do that. Just saying.

That's lovely, but something tells me doing that would lead to a scene and/or being kicked out. OP's former ***** pal is definitely not worth it.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to do that.

And what allows that hooker to slap OP?

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So two wrongs make a right? Wow, that's mature. I don't know where you live but that's unacceptable where I'm from.

Actually, while slapping the girl back may not be socially acceptable, it is legally acceptable in any and all cases to hit/slap/kick/shove/whatever someone back with the same force. This is not to say, for example, if a girl slaps a big guy with all her strength the big guy can slap her back with all of HIS strength, because that would be awfully disproportionate. Basically, he can cause the same amount of pain to her as she did to him. This also applies to the reverse kind of situation; if a fat guy lightly shoves a skinny guy enough to make him stumble a bit, the skinny guy is legally allowed to use significantly more force shoving the fat guy to make HIM stumble a bit. Get it? Not saying legally acceptable is what you meant, but just thought you'd be interested to know :)

Actually, I'm afraid none if what you just said is true. The law protects those who act in self-defense. That is, when someone uses REASONABLE force to prevent further harm. What is considered reasonable depends on the situation. Is does not, however, allow for one to hit someone back simply to prove a point. He could be charged with assault for slapping her back, if it could be shown that it was not necessary to protect himself, which would likely be the case.

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Yeah, I don't see why women think they can slap a guy just bc they can get away with it. If they knew men could equally retaliate or be held just as equally liable for assault charges as men would be, this wouldn't happen.

#122 I'm not saying it right to hit women and never implied that, but come on girls can't just be slapping guys because they feel like it.

Maybe the law is different where you live, but I was taught self-defense in highschool here in Australia and the ladies told us such a law existed. It might be different in America.

In this situation, I think she may have almost earned herself a Bus Uppercut. Almost.

Come at me like a man, I'll hit you like a man.

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Why, because you're a big tough guy? I'm sorry, but if you're that weak, to where you can't control a girl that slaps you in the face, you're a pathetic excuse for a man. It's one thing if she's swinging an ax around or acting completely homicidal, but to strike a woman, simply because she confronts you "like a man" is disgusting.

FFML_314 11

I hate when people say that women get away with hitting a guy. They won't get away with it, if you report it. Also, 126, you are completely and totally wrong. If a girl walks up to a guy and smacks him in the face, he is not legally allowed to smack her back. If he did, they would both be charged with assault, if in fact, it were to be reported.

As I said, 169, I was taught self-defense here in Australia in highschool, and the ladies actually demonstrated the example I gave (one of the ladies was kinda fat and she nudged a girl a bit and got her to push her back enough for her to stumble a little too). We were explained such a law existed here, but we were also told that in most cases it was best to just get away from the situation and report it, because retaliating could make things a lot worse, even if it's not illegal.

Actually #169 according to the law men and women are equals as of last year so he can hit her back as long as he is not using more force.

Are you serious, 168? I actually don't see why you would say that. I stand for gender equality, and if I saw someone hit another person just because they were hit first, I would think of them as kindergarten children, both of them. No one should go after the "an eye for an eye" motto, either man or woman. I don't get why when a girl gets hit by a boy, the girl's a victim and the guy is 'a pathetic excuse for a man', as you put it, but when a girl hit a boy, he probably deserves it and should suck it up. Haven't we come far enough in equal rights that we can agree on that no one should hit anyone if not in self-defense. I tried to put this in a reasonable way, and don't show to much of the anger I felt reading this comment, but I just don't like that people like 168 degrade us women by saying things like that, if we can slap guys without anyone bating an eye, then haven't they the same right to slap us?

Askin' all dem questions, makin statements.. ASSUMING! Lol I hope that's what you were referencing.

You ate my last piece of pizza!! Haha yes, 18! :P

In this case, I hope OP follows this advice..

I would've left them both at the bar let her new man give them a ride home. A swift kick to the curb.

You're better off without someone like that op!

Not necessarily, #5. I accidentally stepped on a lady's foot on the dance floor in 1977 and she hauled off and hit me with the hardest left hook I ever felt to the lower abdomen and then knocked my ass out with, what I'm told was a beautiful right haymaker that would have made Sugar Ray Leonard proud. When I woke up in the hospital three days later, she was there to apologize. We have been together every day of our lives since then. Going on 36 years now and we've never had a cross word to each other. But I've been scheming on something for revenge so stay tuned.…

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#109 - What the **** does that have to do with what #5 said? Would you still be with the lady that punched you if she kissed another guy while you went out with her? OP is better without this bitch. Even though I despise it being said constantly, in this case, break up with her!

Excuse the hell out of me, SS. Didn't know I was ruining your day. Couldn't you have said what you wanted to say without being an asshole to someone that did nothing to you personally? But since you can hide behind your safe little computer screen, you don't have to be responsible for the way you talk, do you? After seeing the way so many people treat others with zero or little provocation any more makes really wish summertime would hurry up and get here. If that confuses you, 141, just read my profile.

She sure can control herself -__- If this isn't her first time I suggest you have a long talk with her or break up. Sorry OP.

Ignore this, misread your comment. Talkin' ain't gonna fix this, though.

Skill. Now everyone will believe you're the evil one and no one will believe she's a cheater.

Pretend you got a concussion and sue the friend. Back fired.

Damn it OP, you embarrassed her in front of a new friend! You could have at least gotten mad at her in a more discreet way. But in all serious, I'd take a slap over not knowing my girlfriend was being a little too friendly with somebody else any day

You are joking right! Bitch was MAKING OUT with the bastard!

Friend, I think the scenario 8 is describing involves his ***** girlfriend making out with some guy either way, and he would rather be slapped and know this than just be unaware of what's going on.

Sarcasm is rarely understood on here, especially when the comment isn't fully read.

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Well now that she's your ex-girlfriend (Right?) you have a position available for the right one :)

if she was she would have clearly used a winky face! rules of internet flirting 101

Ah but she might of miss hit a button and got a :) instead of the intended ;)

Can an old person use ;) to mean "cheeky comment" without being assumed to be flirting or is ;) always flirty?

No winky face is always flirting even if your 90 ;)

She's turning it all on you! She's playing with your mind, now you're confused and think you did something wrong. You didn't.