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Today, while at the club, I started dancing with a girl who I had noticed throughout the night. When she turned around she firmly stated, "I'd much rather dance by myself". FML
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So...a girl was honest with you about what she wanted from her evening? ...poor you?

Some girls want to go to a club without having some guy they don't know dancing up on them. Crazy concept, huh?


So...a girl was honest with you about what she wanted from her evening? ...poor you?

Wtf, why are you being such a bitch?? This guy is already probably pretty bummed out and feeling bad about himself, and probably insecure, then you say this? All you're doing is making him feel bad about himself, honestly that's a pretty horrible thing to do.

It's not any girl's responsibility to make a guy feel good about himself.

*Attacks commenter for not helping others feel good about themselves* *Calls commenter a bitch* *Doesn't see irony*

I'm sorry, but last time I checked, women are allowed to dance by themselvess if that's what they want. They don't have to fake something just to make a guy feel better about himself.

Yikes, I assume that angered the lunatic holding your family hostage, threatening to take them out one by one unless you dance with that person specifically. FYL indeed. You guys really have to read between the lines for this one.

Some girls want to go to a club without having some guy they don't know dancing up on them. Crazy concept, huh?

"Today, I was at the club, a creep who kept on looking at me throughout the night started to dance with me, so I told him I'd rather dance by myself. He took offense. FML."

mate, I understand your thought process, but you really don't know if OP is a creep. Calling any guy who approaches women a creep is why less and less men even try to talk to girls.

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If by "talk to girls" you mean "start dancing behind them so the girl has to turn around to tell you off", I sincerely hope that you're right, and fewer and fewer guys are doing that. I've had quite a few "talk to me" like that in college. I and every other girl just loves it when someone suddenly grabs us from behind and grinds on us (or even looms for that matter). The girl's response was polite and to the point. Instead of learning his lesson, OP comes here to bitch about it. I think 'creep' covers it quite nicely.

Picture if that girl was you and you had some strange dude trying to "dance" with you.

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Respectful? The respectful way to do that is not to start dancing with people you don't even know want to. Why is it not possible just to go up and say hi?

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He shouldn't have just gone up to dance with her. He should have asked her first, which it sounds like he didn't given her response, and respected her choice if she said no.

If the music was really too loud, he wouldn't have been able to hear the girl's response. And even if it was, he could at least have smiled and made eye contact to see how she reacts. The fact that she had to turn around means OP just went up behind her and started dancing (possibly against her). Now maybe OP was just trying to be smooth and had no bad intentions, but I definitely feel the girl's reaction was justified and just a result of the way he chose to go about it.

Even if you give the OP the benefit of the doubt that he started dancing near her, OP you can't be upset she doesn't want to dance with you. There are so many reasons why she wouldn't want to, and most have nothing to do with you. Good on you for putting yourself out there, next time make eye contact, or get her attention.

I agree completely, I was just answering why, in this situation, it's not possible to walk up and say hi. That doesn't mean it's okay to walk up behind someone and start drinking on them.

The music obviously wasn't too loud if he heard her say she didn't want to dance with him

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Guess you really suck at dancing.

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I severely dislike it when random people start dancing me. Especially from behind as I can't see what they are doing. It's a big pet peeve of mine and I find it super creepy to boot. Though I may overestimate the creepiness level due to personal reasons that I will not go into. I still have the right to not dance with random people. I know it's hard to talk in a club (big reason why I personally prefer bars), but at least say "hi" to her face first and ask if she would like to dance. you still might get rejected (that's life. sometimes you get rejected), but at least it wouldn't come with a potential side dish of resentment/disgruntledness from the girl. It might take more courage to ask first (though I don't understand how myself), but it will probably be worth it in the long run to do such. If someone is mean about rejecting a dance proposition, that would more of an FML. At least one that would garner more sympathy from others, including myself.

Completely agree. Also, if a guy just started dancing behind me I'd probably say no because it feels a bit intrusive. On the other hand, if the same guy had actually approached me and asked, it's a lot more likely to get a yes.

Wait, so you walked up behind her, got close to her and started dancing without her noticing until she turned around? That's not creepy in the slightest. Now you just need to throw in a pedo-stash and have stared at her all night to complete the uncomfortable trifecta.

Dunno about the 'stache, but he did say he had "noticed" her all night, which I'm guessing is code for "stared at".

You obviously forgot to tip your fedora at her before you started dancing with her. How else is she supposed to know what a nice guy you are?! Seriously, did you even remember to call her "M'Lady"?