By wetandpantsless - 04/10/2009 04:15 - United States

Today, I got invited to a big upperclassmen party that underclassmen don't normally get invited to. I was feeling really good when I got there and saw that the girl I'm in love with was there. They stole my pants and gave me a swirly. Her reaction was to post pictures on Facebook. FML
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lifeislife_fml 0

What about their assholes? Something wrong with them?

KillaKingPerrie 4

School shootings here we come.


spiffles 0

Pretty much...going to have to go with YDI for "loving" someone who doesn't give a rat's ass about you.

You're absolutely retarded. YDI 110%. I would have kicked your ass for being such a bitch.

Reyo 2

a: Learn to defend yourself. Seriously, that's pathetic. Even if if was 4 on one, you should've been able to get ONE of them. b: Stop "falling in love" with the wrong people. I'm guessing she's the prep who sits in the back of the room using her big breasts to get the notes off of nerds like you? Yeah, you don't fall for those girls. c: Learn the phrase "too good to be true"...and learn it well.

Fuck, another "I love someone I don't know" person, seriously, get over yourself, and to the op you know the thing that connects the upper part of your leg to the bottom part of your leg? If you move it fast enough in the general direction of someone, it will hurt them.

So this is how the typical douchbags of FML think? Nothing quite like coming to random conclusions about another person's life and a feeling of "my way is the right way!" to show off how retarded most everybody is. That includes you too #61, 63, 65 and 74.

RaKum12 0

hunt all of them down n beat there ass. as 4 the girl, make her embarress the shit out if herself

I agreed... find them all and break their kneecaps with a baseball bat drug them and give them swirlys (or swirlies however you spell it) then next time you see that girl yell that she has aids or something outloud in public..... Or kill em, your choice :)

dude you don't know what love is

still in love with her?

lifeislife_fml 0

What about their assholes? Something wrong with them?

evangldbrg 0

Yea, but in such a case as this, it makes a big difference. And call me a grammar nazi, but people really should know the basic difference between they're, their, along with other things.

PlasmaWafflez 0

A lot of people are stupid as **** and should pay attention in school. Or just be white.

liveBabylon 0

I'm just white :) ... and pretty

cxal_fml 0

Who says he doesn't know the difference. Casual typing is far different from formal typing - what would be pathetic is someone reading every quick post they make twice or more, just to ensure that they use perfect grammar.

LastPower 3

Um who cares? If they say their, they're, or there, it's not like this is school. And if you can't figure it out than you're stupider than the person who wrote it in the first place.


gracevet88 0


# 2 it would be "they're assholes", not their assholes, dumbass. learn proper grammar. and that is quite unfortunate.

Emma89_ 0

omg get a life...they got their point across didn't they?? Being a grammar Nazi just makes you look like a dick...which you succeeded in doing.

Yeah, "their assholes" is like saying, the assholes belonging to them... doesn't really make any sense! Also, what's a swirly?

A swirly is when they dump your head in the toilet and flush. Don't you ever watch TV?!?!?!

I'm sorry for having a life :P But is it an american thing? I've never heard it called that!

no, knowing proper grammar makes you not look like an idiot. you're=YOU ARE, your=possessive, there=a place, their=possessive, they're=THEY ARE, than=a comparison, then=stating the timing. learn your ******* english properly, then maybe you will look a little smarter than you actually are.

Swirly!?!? When I was at school we used the phrase "bogwash!"

I thought it was called a "Jimmy Neutron" Lol

Could someone explain what OP meant by upperclassmen and underclassmen? Is it something to do with college in America?

Used more in high school than college (though could be used in college, I suppose). In a four-year school, 1st & 2nd year students are "lower class" - years 3&4, "upper class".

That sucks dude but you should have known they just invited an underclassman to haze him.

greenltrn2003 0

link or lies

Khiash 6

I strongly disagree with #23.

In that case, we'll have to agree to disagree. #23 made a completely valid point that I happen to agree with.

pime Taradox! Also, #27 get!

sweet. LOSER!!! the grammer geek is also a LOSER!!!

It's "grammar". You're the loser.

I love the double meaning in the OP's name.

me too c: if only he was a woman :p

amatayo 0

I could just see you walking in with giant glasses and a stupid smile ready to do what they ask. Never understood people like you