By Anonymous - United States - Salem
Today, a guy I like asked me to a dance. Trying to act modest and at the same time compliment him, I told him, "You could do so much better, though." After thinking for a moment, he replied, "You're right, I could. Never mind," and walked away. FML
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  coolcocoxxx  |  12

She had it coming. I hate when a guy flirts/compliments a girl and they throw themselves a pity party. Guys say it's a huge turnoff too. Most likely why he walked away.


By  pandabrr  |  12

You can do better too OP.

  zBLAKEz  |  23

It's just like when you say a girl is pretty or something like that and she's all "No I'm not." I've never understood why they can't just take the compliment.

  SApprentice  |  33

27- Just my opinion, but a lot of girls honestly don't think they're pretty. We're always blasted with this image of what makes a woman beautiful, and the majority of girls really don't measure up to that ideal. Girls, especially teenage girls still struggling with their self image, often battle low self-esteem. On top of that is the overall opinion that if someone ever admits that they feel beautiful then they must conceited. Most people don't want to seem self-absorbed, so the girls panic and refuse to let themselves think that they're attractive for more than a few seconds. They'll bring up examples to themselves of people who are prettier. It leads to the sad scenario of a girl looking in the mirror everyday and thinking to herself that she is an ugly piece of crap, that everyone can see that scar or that her lips arn't shaped right. If she ever has an optimistic day and feels lovely, then a new voice of doubt perks up and she's left going, "Oh, God, what am I thinking? I'm no where near as pretty as so-and-so, ect." Tell her she's pretty, and she'll deny it, because in her mind, she's really not.

Of course, boys and men often have the same issues, so it's easier to just say being a human around other humans makes for an awkward clusterfuck, especially when we're young. Life can be really scary.

  Fou_Lou  |  20

#30 nailed it. But i think most people overlook that stuff like "youre pretty" is subjective. In my experience its always interpreted as objective. Thus resulting in answers like "no im not". Sadly the Objectivism is Pushed into us like #30 described. But in reality its not true. Its like liking a specific genre of music and disliking others.

Oh and in general. Lowering yourself to make a Compliment to others is seldom a good idea.

  girlbye23  |  15

So many thumbs up to you good sir or madame. You describe how i usually feel exactly, except i just accept it with a smile. Usually to pick myself up i just list my favorite features about myself.

  MateRicks  |  18

#30 you are right but in my experience on this planet as a guy I've found that the only people that actually compare themselves and others to people in magazines are female and me and all my guy friends could give less of a crap wether you look like Megan fox or whoever else.

By  SApprentice  |  33

Ah, it's okay, OP. He's not worth dancing with anyway.

  arandomusernameaa  |  20

Clearly is ;)