By lonelyboy101 - 27/08/2009 00:37 - United States

Today, I was at a club with my girlfriend of a year. A guy starts hitting on her while I'm sitting right next to her. He then asks her to go back to his place for some fun, so I start laughing thinking that there is no chance she would even consider this. I walked home alone. FML
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Your girlfriend's a ******* ***** YDI for not going after her

He shouldn't HAVE to make it known that she's taken. She should be able to stand up for herself and be like "I'm here with someone, I'm not a *****-nugget."


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no1askdu 5

yeah i obviously didnt read your horoscope....

california girls are bitches

HahaYDI 0

Wow...after a YEAR, what a beach, FYL

Intoxicunt, You got first! You're first and you are not making a big deal of it? How can that be? I'm all aquiver FOR you. I've never been first and can only imagine the thrill!

woody18plus 0

since your gf is for sure a flirting **** you should of had a 3some. pound her so hard she will never flirt with any one again.

whoa hell no us californian girls aren't bitches! wait....maybe some....okay, nevermind.

Jaque_Aze 0

No wonder she left... He probably had a car you lazy ass noob

#70, you have to read her "About Me" thing. apparently, we all have to "get one thing clear. she is not here to impress us" oooohhh tough girl :O

Plexico, haha, I get first a lot, because I'm on this site 24/7. And I misread that comment as a sexual one. "I'm all aquiver for you." Hehe. #124, when did I say I was tough again? The point of that was so people wouldn't message me saying, "Hey you should do this differently with your life." I put that up after some dipshit messaged me saying, "You shouldn't edit your pics so much, it makes girls look fake and plastic," as though his opinion mattered to me. So you think I'm trying to be tough because I want to AVOID conflict? Seriously? Jeez. You're a bright one, aren't you?

Wow. You're girlfriend is a giant *****. You're a sad man if you don't dump her.

#114 - They were at the bar, they probably took a cab so they wouldn't have to drive drunk afterward. Or maybe the bar is close to where they live?

youre a pussy and your girlfriend is a ***** stand up for yourself once in a while

mojomojo_fml 5

So what's the protocol if the dude hitting on your chick can obviously kick your @ss?

bioagg12 0

no wonder she left you! you're a pussy!!!

infrared_fml 0

bite, kick and eye gauge. No one can beat madness.

jklol2 0

It's not entirely his fault. The girl should've been like "I'm here with him" when the guy was flirting with her. She should have better judgment that she is already there with her boyfriend and not available to others.

turtlellama 0

Do you KNOW anyone from California?

#157, agreed.

Your girlfriend's a ******* ***** YDI for not going after her

mojomojo_fml 5

He would probably lose either way - if the BF stood up and said "H3LL NO!!!", she'd call him a jealous a-hole and make him look like even more of a chump in front of the d-bag that's hitting on her. He tried the opposite and acted like it didn't bug him and she pretended to think it meant he doesn't care.

sexymessy 0

I cant believe how many people are saying YDI. Wow,craziness..first off I would NEVER do this,and OP you are WAY better off without this person because she most likely has cheated on you before if it was that easy for her to leave with some guy. I really don't see how it's your fault, I mean my bf wouldn't just sit there if a guy hit on me,he's got a temper lol,but still it really is a lose lose. If you did say something to the guy,she probably would have yelled at you saying you embarrassed her and why do you have to be so controlling blah blah blah.. I don't see how this would be a "test" since you were with her for a year..I say fyl for wasting a year on some dirty *****.

I agree how can he deserve something like that. I can only hope he walked home single as well.

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I agree. Why would you just sit there and laugh like a cocky ****. Gett up and make it known she's taken.

Grow a disco stick and represent your woman. YDI, and you suck. I hope she had fun.

He shouldn't HAVE to make it known that she's taken. She should be able to stand up for herself and be like "I'm here with someone, I'm not a *****-nugget."

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#92 - i agree

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YDI x1000000000 grow a sack

virus04 0

YDI for being a bitch and a fag

spyderman2190 0

yeh u coulda done more, if u have to get ur ass kick for a girl that u care about, then do so. for all you know that coulda been a test to see if u got nething down there......and i think you failed my friend

LOL getting your ass kicked for a girl dude, what the hell is wrong with you, #6? You dont take a bullet for some bitch unless your going to marry her, or are married to her. LOL 5 bucks if he would have stood up to the dude he would have gotten his ass handed to him plus his "girlfriend" would have laughed at him.

yea soo true

Next time you talk to her, ask her what it was like to spend the night with a real man. :) Sorry. Fuck your life, and all, but you could have prevented this. If I were her, I would've gone with him (or at least pretended to) just for spite since you couldn't stand up for me.

And I would've deserved it, but then you would've deserved it too for not doing something sooner.

That's a load of crap. Why should a guy have to "stand up" for his girl when a guy is simply /TALKING/ to her? What is there to stand up for? "Oh hey sweetie, don't talk to other guys" I mean what the hell? Any girl that "tests" their man like this, or anything like that isn't a girl worth any time. Period.

I know, the OP's girl was a total CUNT. But he didn't know she was going to do that ahead of time. I wouldn't let my entire night be ruined by some ass who couldn't take a hint. I would step in (if I were the boyfriend). Why? Because sometimes it's hard to get rid of someone on your own. So the right thing to do (in my opinion, which you're free to disagree with), is to tell the guy, "Leave us alone. She's taken. Go somewhere else."

honeyishrnkdakid 2

The OP clearly said the guy was /HITTING ON/ her- big difference. Personally I wouldn't test my man like that and I wouldn't go home with someone else, but you better believe I'd be pissed if a guy was hitting on me and my guy just stood there and let it happen. WTF? p.s. watch similar scene from 500 Days of Summer if you're into indy, it was kinda funny

Veldan 1

Yet if some girl was flirting with your man, you'd probably slap and blame him. You know, because men are always the ones to blame. These comments stink of retarded double standards. The girl should have spoken up, it is HER responsibility to inform other guys she is taken. His only mistake was to trust such a bitch. He COULD have spoken up, but shouldn't HAVE to. I mean, what if he wasn't there? Would she have spoken up then? i doubt it. Sorry OP, FYL. Hope you find a better girl soon.

I find all of this very conflicting considering on another FML about a boy not standing up to someone asking to grind on the girl everyone was saying how it was her fault and that she had no backbone if she needs her boyfriend to stand up for her. It depends on people, but if one person has a hard time getting people to back off they should TELL their partner they would like help. You shouldn't just expect someone to get over protective, especially considering everyone complains about it. He trusted his partner, however she decided to betray it. I don't see how this is a YDI

Your girlfriend is a bitch, and you are too for not putting your foot down.

YDI You could have said or done something... But it is rude she didn't say "I'm taken" as soon as he started flirting.

DoomJeff91 2

You walked home alone, you say? I made my girlfriend disappear... I made my girlfriend disappear! [Jumps on the beds in the house, then steals a toothbrush, then prevents two robbers from breaking into his house]