The Lady in Red

By Anonymous - 08/06/2009 01:36 - United States

Today, I was at a party. The music changed to a slow dance. Everybody grabbed a partner and I was left on the dancefloor alone. Suddenly, this guy walked up to me. I swore that he was going to ask me to dance. He then said, "Could you hold me my drink?" and went to dance with another girl. FML
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Wait. "Hold me my drink?" What the hell? If he seriously said that, you are so much better off, it's not even funny.


YDI, don't be so unattractive. Oh and first.

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I know exactly how you feel, it's really depressing, I end up just finding sombody to dance with if they are bored enough to say yes

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awww i feel so bad for you if i was there i would have asked you to dance actually i prob would have just been sitting on the couch next to you with my girlfriend on my lap but i would have talked to you

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awwh, you should always bring a friend along. :)

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Wow. That was pretty rude of him.

That sucks so bad. I hate when guys do that. But the way I look at it is, is that it just wasn't meant to happen. Something else will come to you, don't worry!

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Maybe you should have asked someone to dance with you.

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hahaha. sucks to be you. don't get your hopes so high next time. and i hope you held his drink for him. :)

Were you really all alone on the dance floor? Is it really worth it to dance with a guy you don't know? Why did you take his drink? You should've just said no and tried to find something else to do, or just walk away. Don't take anything that happens at dances, clubs or parties seriously like that.

Well, you should of been in a better spot. Maybe on the dance floor?