By BlueMouth - / Wednesday 16 December 2009 01:39 / United States
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  wh4t3v3R  |  0

Yeah I got shot from through the side of my mask one time, mostly into my mouth and I was also confused about how tasty it was. The facility workers said birds and stray animals would come eat the balls off the field. I think the balls have to be somewhat biodegradable, so maybe they put some sort of plant syrup in there that happens to taste nice?

By  morella_xx  |  29

Wow, good job. You didn't notice they were a totally different texture than a gumball? You completely deserve that for just assuming you could eat them.


Today, I passed out at a party after having a few too many, as one does. I woke up with swastikas and penises drawn on my face with permanent marker. I now have to go home, using public transport, to my prudish, Jewish dad who thought I was at my friend's house for a sleepover with no alcohol. FML

By ragass_mctree - / Wednesday 29 September 2010 23:02 / United Kingdom
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