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Today, trying to be a responsible parent, I bought my daughter a pack of condoms in case she ever decided to have sex. She turned them into balloon animals and went back to playing video games. FML
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Guess you''ve got nothing to worry about! :) Your daughter sounds awesome.


20-- that is the most thought out statement I have ever heard. I agree 100%!

I just- I have to ask what 20's thought process was...

Yeah, I'm sure op just opened the door, threw the box at her, and booked it out of the room. Of course they talked to her

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I think I'd appreciate that more than the 'talk.'

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just saying, I dont know why I would be mad if my daughter did that. I mean, clearly, she isn't having sex with anyone.

To number 84 Well yeah condoms are awesome but mom should have talked to her first and see if she's sexually active or was about to be sexually active. The talk is helpful my mom and dad both did. They explained to me that there are different sizes of condoms, even female condoms, how important it was to use them and another form of birthcontrol with it just in case the condom breaks (this was before plan b). They told me and showed me every std and the effects of them. They told if I ever needed something to talk to them and not be afraid even though they would prefer me to refrain from sex but know that if it happens they want me to feel secure enough to talk and ask them. Having that helps more then just a box of condoms how to use them and leave.

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Well I guess you just don't understand how sexually active younger kids are today. have you seen the pregnancy rate? I'm sure Op had the talk but also, the talk makes kids uncomfortable now.

The teen pregnancy rate is lower than it's been in 30 years, so please stop misinforming people.

Because unprotected sex is much more responsible.

#189, have you seen the comments on here before? (Though very slightly off topic) I see debates often on how people get pregnant. Parts of the FML community doesn't know about how a women actually gets pregnant. Also telling people about the multiple forms of birth control isn't really "intimate details" it's rather important and should be discussed. It's not like they told her how she was conceived in the backseat of a Chevy after a condom broke or anything.

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I think she meant the intimate details of the other girl and her parents private conversation. also you should use multiple forms of birth control, with or without plan b.

#137 there is no way I'm reading that

Did anyone actually read #134's 'monologue' on birth control? Lol

239, obviously not the only person considering your comment got buried, meanwhile mine was up voted. But thanks for your delightful response. (:

#189 it's about being well informed they didn't tell me how to have sex they informed me if my options on how to be protected when I decided to. And there was no Google for me when I was growing. And just because the talk is uncomfortable doesn't mean it should be avoided.

When I decided I was ready to be sexually active, my mom took me to the doctor to get on birth control, bought me my first condoms, and told me I could come to her if I needed to talk about anything. We never had that incredibly awkward sit-down "talk" because she was always open and honest with me about sex, the benefits, and of course the consequences. I attribute that as the biggest reason why I waited until I was almost 19 to have sex.

pregnancy rate is down, the number of babies born being higher than in the past is due to the excess of the generation (for an example, lets say 100 teens had 25 kids in the 90s, whereas now there are 200 teens having 40 kids). there are more babies overall, but a lower percentage of potential parents are having the babies.

OP, I fail to see how you are being a good parent by doing this. I'm sorry, but aren't you encouraging her?

No, she's teaching the daughter safe sex. That's called "protected your daughter."

Guess you''ve got nothing to worry about! :) Your daughter sounds awesome.

I agree with you. OP's daughter seems to like some fun. I also have to say OP is doing a good thing giving her daughter condoms in case she is sexually active. It'll prevent her from pregnancy and giving the protection to her would possibly make her more open with her parents, so she wouldn't be afraid to talk to them about being sexually active. Good for you, OP, for being a good parent. :)

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I agree! sounds like you should be proud, OP.

I agree, this seems like a win to me! Good to know she won't use them anytime soon.

OP can your daughter be my new best friend?

Agreed, this girl is clearly awesome. Good job OP. You not only behaved responsibly by offering her the condoms and by raising a daughter too great to need them. Win all around. Pat yourself on the back on a job well done.

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just because she blew them up doesn't mean she's not sexually active.

Before any of my friends or I were sexually active when health class gave us condoms, we definitely blew them up like balloons haha. Flavoured ftw.

With over 1k likes, this has to be one of the most liked comments on FML!

I'm quite surprised actually, my comment isn't anything special at all!

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If the mom is buying her condoms, she's probably old enough to be having sex, the mom just wants her to be responsible.

talking to them and not providing full information how to protect themselves is just as irresponsible as just giving the condoms. the whole refrain from sex attitude is not going to work and they'll rebel.

Who knows. She never said the age of her daughter. For all we know she could be 20 living at her parent's house.

Perhaps she already has. For all we know she's a senior, so within age. The condom are responsible if this is the situation.

What world do you live in? Teens have sex whether we want them to or not, it's part of growing up. Also, for all we know she could be 20 and living at home.

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If she was old enough to be having sex why didn't she just buy her own condoms?

@41 when you're that age, there's considerable embarrassment that attaches to that sort of thing. Also maybe she lives in a small town where there's one drugstore and she's afraid her friends will see her and subsequently ****-shame her.

I'm guessing you do not know majority of teenagers these days

Regardless of information on stds and pregnancies, not everyone takes the same path. While refraining is ideal at younger ages, it's never going to happen 100%. A responsible parent knows this and tries to give them the information and tools available in case their child doesn't refrain. It's not giving them permission. It's just not sticking their head in the sand pretending it won't happen just because they don't want it to.

Its not just these days infact teen pregnancy has fallen off steeply since the 1950's because of teens becoming educated about sexy and contraception. Google will lead you to knowledge people should use it.

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You're an idiot, teaching abstinence didn't work. Teaching responsibility and safe sex works. They're gonna do what they want, teach them to be smart about it.

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#86 Abstinence ed worked. It did just what the research said it would! lots more teen pregnancies, huge huge jumps in infection rates for everything from chlamydia to pubic lice to HIV! I mean, if they didn't want that result, they would have picked programs that were effective at reducing the number of partners, infection rates, and teen pregnancies, right?

I think you're from Middle East #3 What world are you living in? You mentioned the word "kid", how do you know she's a kid? How dumb can a parent be to bring a box of condom to her "kid" daughter? Think well and don't be a parent

#3 this is FML tons of people on here are going to hate you for saying "abstinence." Cuz "kids need sex too! You old prude!" My old man had a pretty simple talk with me that worked well. If I got a girl pregnant before I was making my own money and supporting myself he wouldn't help me out with the bills at all. I pretty much kept my pecker in my pants until I was in the military. As I've said in other FMLs you should be supporting yourself before you start sexing. If you think your man enough to **** you better be man enough to handle all the possible consequences of sex.

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If your embarrassed about buying condoms, you're too young to be having sex.

If a person is embarrassed to protect themselves, perhaps they aren't mature enough for sex.

I totally agree with you, last time I said such a thing....several hundred kids whined to the fml owners & I got banned for a month for supposedly "violating the terms of agreement" & supposedly "saying harassing/demeaning comments". Btw, I gave you a thumbs up. :)

Okay, I do not agree with #3 completely either, but was the middle eastern comment necessary? 1) Just because they believe teens having sex isn't the best thing doesn't mean you can guess where they are from 2) I'm from South east Asia, and while I wish I had saved myself for marriage, I don't think it's a bad thing for others not to. I know many people, including teens (not from the Middle East) that think it's better to wait. Do before you show off your ignorance you can realize everyone has different views on a subject.

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I'm 25 in college and working a full time job. I live by myself and fully support myself. I still feel embarrassed when I'm buying condoms.

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You do know most parents say that but not all people listen in fact most don't it's mostly just trust

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3, I wish my parents talked to me about sex. I was having sex in middle school and part of hs and at times unprotected. I wasn't educated and I wish I had been. Thank goodness I didn't get an STD or get pregnant. When I have kids I sure as shit will talk to them ans give them all the condoms I can offer! Teens will have sex no matter what so telling them to not have sex is giving them another way of them rebelling against you!

Well, one might argue that by giving her daughter condoms, she's condoning the behavior that requires them. And if she needs her mother to buy her condoms, then she's probably still in high school, not in her twenties.

amberv61 22

#162 from the way ops daughter reacted to the condoms I don't think she NEEDED her mother to buy them for her. It was a gesture from her mother to stay safe.

nattlecakes 19

If she wanted to have sex she would, regardless of her mother giving her the condoms. And if she is going to anyway, why not be safe huh?

I_Am_Melanie 15

My mom taught me abstinence. I'm 17, still a virgin, and not planning on losing that status for a long time. I guess it just depends on the kid and how they want to live their life. Or how good of a relationship the kid has with their parents. I love and trust my mom, if I hated my mom, I would probably rebel and go have sex. I feel like buying condoms for your kid is like saying "okay, I don't care anymore. I approve of you going out and having sex"

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#172- you can not equate love for your mother and having sex. Good for you remaining abstinent, but just because someone chooses to have sex against their parents wishes doesn't negate their love for them. And a blanket statement like," ok I don't care anymore" is a bit ridiculous. Now if the parent said," eh..she can get an std for all I care" that would be a pretty good sign.

#172 I don't know what La-La land you live in, but I doubt every young adult that has sex before the age of 17 hates their parents

Im a senior, and I was raised that sex isn't a bad thing that, however when you are a virgin you can only give that away to one person, and that it's more special when you wait till your wedding day. I was also taught to think about how I would feel to know my bf/husband has slept with other people and can compare me against them. So I have decided to abstain from sex till I'm married or in a long, and strong relationship. It's about the manner you teach them in. I don't want my bf/husband to know iv slept with other men, so I won't.

I'm 32 and I feel weird about buying condoms. Hell I feel weird buying tampons! And I'm a female!

Kids don't really like to listen to their parents about those types of things.

I know a lot of guys over 21 who live at home, they're mothers are buying their condoms. I keep telling them she either does it to get them out of the house more or permanent, or she doesn't want them to reproduce. Possibly both.

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#172: So because I had sex at 15, I dont love my mommy?! Woah! Man, I need to crawl out of this rock ive been living under and get with the times. Who knew nowadays you have sex because you dont love your parents?!

Having sex against your parents wishes is disobedience, and loving your parents means obeying them. If your parents prohibit sex, you should obey them. I'm not saying you hate them if you don't, but obedience is a way to show love and respect. Sure it's your life, but if you still live with your parents you should obey them.

an3ph 20

Wait for someone who is worthy of you. You will lead a good life.

amberv61 22

Obeying their wishes shows respect not love. I absolutely love my parents but I didn't always follow what they said because I thought I knew everything. I lost my mom in June at the age of 19. I regret being the ignorant teenager that I was but my mom always knew that I loved her and never meant to hurt her

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Greetings. You have reached the end of these rather long comments. Congrats if you read them all.

you have a great point there and I agree with most of it, but I hate my mom, I'm a teen, she would hate it if I had sex, and I still am a virgin. I respect myself and personally believe I shouldn't have sex until I'm with the right person... Well and I'm really not a rebellious person

Or woman enough to handle the consequences. It takes two to get pregnant. Not fair that guys are the ones shamed into stepping up. Girls need to be prepared and adequately equipped to raise a kid too.

BTW I was only referring to my personal beliefs I didn't mean to say others should wait or anything it's just how I feel about my OWN sex life I won't tell others how to live theirs.. sorry if my previous comment offended anyone

what do you mean "guys are shamed"? Women are EXPECTED to either raise the child, and are called heartless if they decide to adopt. If a guy walks away from the child he might be told that he shouldn't have, but he isn't shamed as deeply as a woman

Tell them not to have sex.. Theyre gona want to have it more *i know cause im a teen*

lenalee96 22

This isn't an FML! Be happy she wasn't like, "oh yay now let me go have sex with everything that moves with a dick!"

Isn't that much better than taking them and going out and using them with guys ?! I'd be relieved

Yeah, I agree. I don't get now this is an FML. Sounds like a cool ass kid to me.

That's not an fml. It's a good thing. IMO she is not planning on having sex anytime soon

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Youre a good parent though. At least you're thinking about your daughters health. I'd rather know my daughter is having protected sex than sneaking around and having unprotected sex because she's too shy or uneducated about protection.

buttcramp 21

exactly! education is key. it isn't wrong for young people to explore their sexual wants/needs. it IS wrong to let them try and figure it out on their own. abstinence education only works so well, kids are having sex younger and younger these days and need to be taught about it. how properly use protection, making appointments with an OBGYN, etc.

The problem is condoms do have a life span, especially if not stored properly, so if the daughter wasn't having sex in the near future it could do more harm than good.

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I can only hope my daughter is that awesome! You did a good job parenting op!

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She gave you two responses 1. Message received 2. I'm not ready. When she's ready, just talk to her

Or maybe that's her way of saying she's not seeing anybody although she (thinks?) is ready to engage in sexual acts.

Or 1. Message received 2. I like the ribbed ones

If that was the case I don't think she would have thrown it away.