By 0ptimu5 - Australia
Today, I saw a cute girl at a night club. When I approached her and introduced myself, she said "Don't you remember me? We danced here last weekend... but you were smashed that night". I cheekily replied "Oh really? That's hot, what happened next?" She said "You were hitting on me. So, I left." FML
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By  Ducati45  |  0

First off, this isn't an FML, one girl rejected you boohoo. Also just wanted to say, Woo for Australians, especially ACT uns, she probably rejected you because she's smart, being from the ACT!

  Jmido  |  0

Some people have game, some people do not. You sir, do not. I'd suggest just getting smashed again and live your life away behind a bottle of tequila.


I think this intoxicated comment roughly translates into:

"Are you really that bad?
If I were a girl, I would've smashed (slapped?) you for flirting with me.
'Cause I would be cute and already have a guy."

  unpossible  |  26

Here's my rough interpretation:

"Is this really an FML?
You got off easy. If I was that girl, my cuteness would have ensured that I'd already have a boyfriend and as such, the rules of the game state that I would have the right to slap you for trespassing on his property. And, I would have slapped you; really, really, hard."

OP: Banter is fun and opens the door for many, many more rejections before she admires you for your persistence. That said, be careful not to cross the line between flirtation and harassment.

  biancagolden  |  0

I can't imagine listening to an entire album of RyRo's singing...and liking it D:

The Young Veins sound like a bad Beatles rip off. At least now Panic! at the Disco seem to be going back to their Fever days :)

By  Solution_fml  |  0

I hate it when it happens, what you need is to rotate the places where you go out leaving more time between visits to give everyone a chance to forget each others.