By EmmaleeSupertramp - 14/02/2014 03:16 - United States

Today, it was the first dress rehearsal at a community theater. I'm playing a grandma to a bunch of little kids, and the guy who is playing the grandpa wears a fat suit. I put on my costume and one of the kids comes up to me and says, "Are you wearing a fat suit too?" and pokes my stomach. FML
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"Oh my. What fat stomach you have" "Only because it's filled with little kids like you my dear." >:)

ihavenolifehaha 16


ihavenolifehaha 16

Only if she takes it that way, otherwise it is a helpful suggestion that would do her well to follow

You need to lose some serious weight.......grandma ;)

ClassyFade 9

Maybe time to hit the gym OP?

ClassyFade 9

@16 Exercise is always good for you, it doesn't matter if OP's skinny or fat.

fmls like this annoy me. If you think your life is ****** then just eat better and exercise. If you don't want to then you might be fat.

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Sometimes I feel like they know that they're being total buttheads.

drayloon 50

Time to start acting, OP. "Of course I am! Looks real, doesn't it?"

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aww don't take it to heart. Kids are like that. My baby cousin came up to me once and patted my butt and.said to my uncle "daddy what's that??" lol it was cute

"Oh my. What fat stomach you have" "Only because it's filled with little kids like you my dear." >:)

When an adult calls you fat they're full of shit. When a kid calls you fat... you're fat.

I would have just smiled and said, "nope, it's all me." Kids are just kids, they lack brain filters. Luckily, when they say something like that there's no animosity to it, unlike when people are being rude.

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Doesn't have to be a negative thing, use it as a wake up call and slowly start moving towards a more healthy lifestyle. I'm surprised you didn't Rio this kid a new one with a razor sharp remark OP, being an FML grandma and all.

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Nothing to worry about OP! The costume adds 10 pounds!

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I wonder how many costumes OP had on?