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By Artist man - 08/01/2021 07:02 - United Kingdom

Today, my girlfriend walked out on me because she realised she doesn’t love me enough to go through a second lockdown with me and our 2-year-old daughter FML
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Yummi_913 18

That's the real question here. He'll get over it, the kid won't.


mccuish 25

You dodged a bullet with that one

well, not entirely he did have a kid with her...

jfigley 5

Good, less drama for you down the road. She isn't mature enough to handle life circumstances or she doesn't truly love you...

Ambrily 27

Did she also walk out on the kid?

Yummi_913 18

That's the real question here. He'll get over it, the kid won't.

I'm very sorry for you OP all you can do right now is contact local services like DHS to help you along, possibly talk to her family your girlfriend must have been very unhappy whether something else going on

coius 23

Isn’t this considered parental abandonment? Whether you are there or not, an adult can’t just walk away from their child because they feel like it. This is child abandonment on her part.

Jillian Cosby-Kelly 15

what's your point? there is no charge for that. maybe there should be, it could possibly stop all the parents that have always done this exact same thing. it's only strange to hear because it usually isnt moms that leave.

there doesn't need to be a charge for it to be significant. if she really did abandon the child it will help him a lot in court when it comes to child support, custody, etc. it should not be overlooked ESPECIALLY because he's presumably a man and family court tends to favor the mother.

Warp1978 15

Sue for custody of your daughter stat. If she can't handle lock down with you and a child she'll likely do it again. I speak from experience.