By Anonymous - 04/09/2010 19:16 - United States

Today, I was on a plane when I suddenly felt the need to use the toilet. I didn't make it in time and I had to spend the remainder of my trip in soiled clothes. FML
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Wear a diaper?

how does that even happen?! 0.o


Wear a diaper?

smdbeeach 0

dats nastyyy

pinkpillowz 0

well at least you didn't have to worry about anyone wanting to sit next to you ????

irritable bowel syndrome?

KingDingALing 9

Did you piss yourself to, OP?

w2z1 0

I'm sure your seat neighbors had a great time too.

blame it on the guy next to you?

This would be attractive... To scat fetishists, fortunately they are not around


to use (to) toilet? you mean the?

KiddNYC1O 20

that's why I fly first class. one or two bathrooms located close by for just a few people lol

Control yourself, woman! Damn comment bug 


hippiechick96 3

f the guy next to you's life.

KelceyLoves 0

Reminds me of a joke: a person asks an old man whether he wears boxers or briefs. The old man replies "Depends." hah.

quent10 0


Uh oh. Here comes a flock of wah-wahs!

hello miss Smelly. 

christa953 12

ydi for crapping your pants

Now thats just nasty (Cleveland voice).

peachy wear a diaper lols fyl

xdeadxradiox 0

Lmao @99

"Today, I was on a plane when I suddenly felt the need to use the toilet. I didn't make it in time and I had to spend the remainder of my trip in soiled clothes. FML" YDI.

MadameJello 0

there are bathrooms that are near to economy too ya kno it doesn't matter

Sprinkle_Donuts 1

that's why u should were depends then u can talk on the phone and piss all u want

OopsieDaisies 0

That sucks!

that is si slack imma need u to do betta

JillianlikesVogu 0

Probably because you were so fat you got stuck in your chair.

I_have_no_clue 0

What a stupid thing to say 

Okay, OP may TDI, but how/why do you know/think OP is fat?

Dude your French sucks so hard you made like 4 mistakes in your biography :P stop showing off saying you are French "j'aime le vogue" is totally false :D and I am French so I know what I talk about.

Ewww... I'm guessing there wasn't any clothes in you're carry on?

Yeah, I was just thinking that-- don't people normally have carry-ons? She probably didn't even think of changing into carry-on clothes, if so YDI.

lemoncows 2

sometimes you have to take really little bags like on propellor planes and you can't fit clothes in there. but yeah if they did have clothes I think they would have changed.

Ydi for not going b4

But she didn't have to go at the airport!!! Bahahahs I said that once. :3

Soiled ground is fertile :)

RoccoRox 0

if you shit yourself often, just buy some diapers.

#11, your cute and that sucks OP! I feel bad for you.

number 11 is really cute

RoccoRox 0

thank you ladies

Youre welcomeee (:

Sucks for the people next to you

KylAisAmazingG 0

I agree.

RoccoRox 0

hahahaha and you were making fun of that Indian girl for having big eyebrows, Kyla, lamoo..

MarkerofMagic 0

ahahahahah woahh.

yea that's what I was thinking hah

how does that even happen?! 0.o

for me, puke happend..,