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Today, my boyfriend proposed. The ring just had a piece of graphite on it. My boyfriend argued that since graphite and diamonds are both just forms of carbon, it is the same thing. FML
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why are you bitching? at least you know he wants to spend the rest of his life with you now, so shut the **** up and be happy.


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really? um wow. but if you really love him you'd keep it and love it forever.

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Either he's trying to cover up the fact of him being greedy ass or he's just trying to seem original.

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True, But that means they're going to have a cheap marriage. xD

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you married a tight wad congratulations

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congratulations you married a tight wad

the wedding will be awwwesome! "my parents house is just like a church, they're both buildings" and "water and champagne are both the same, they're both liquids!" enjoy your penny pincher wedding! FYL! :)

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Yah literally, you're lucky he didn't just get an onion ring and say ok we're married

23- They aren't married yet, dumbass. You don't even know if she said yes...

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well I was just assuming 30 and my bad for the double post


if you really loved him, you wouldn't care about what there was on the ring

look on the bright side. You never have to carry around a pencil

33- Do you know what they say about assuming?

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36- I could have swore I saw that pic on a different account earlier... and Op, I you really loved him it wouldn't matter, even though diamonds are nice (:

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40 reminds me a lil of snickerdoodles idk why?!!

You should give him a cat and next time he wants sex tell him to get it from the cat cuz they're both forms of pussy.

40... I have no idea why you would have seen it on another account. it's definitely me

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I don't think it should matter what the ring is. girls do take cheap rings from walmart or where ever. it's the thought of the ring on your on your finger. not the type. be happy you have him

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when you assume you make an "ass" out of "u" and "me"

hahaha 26, pulling a homer! I think that's actually really funny and I would say yes! diamonds are over rated. ydi op for not being appreciative that he's even considering marrying you!

I bet OP is exaggerating details just to get on FML.

Give him a lump of coal. It is carbon too.

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Next time he asks for sex, hand him some Lube and **** and say "Sex and masturbating both make you ejaculate, so they're the same thing"

why don't you punch him? weddings and fights are the same thing, someone always gets fisted

YDI for being a materialistic bitch. Besides marriage is just a BS moneygrab.

you're in a recession- take it or leave it, but no whining. you sound ungrateful.

dump him. he's going to have excuses/rationalizations for everything. could have gotten a CZ if it was a money issue for the same price if he wasn't a douchebag...

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r u talking about a little black speck in the ring?? cause there are different stages of diamonds and a lot of them do have those black specks in them being that it's where it comes from, some are more noticeable than others and those are the less expensive diamonds, but a diamond none the less... he would have to get a flawless diamond tell him to go to Kay and get the hearts on fire ha

If you love each other, it doesn't matter even if it is an Onion ring.

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Technically, he's right. Just cause the ring ain't diamond doesn't mean he's cheap.

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OP-If you said no, you're a bitch. I hope you said yes. He wants to marry you, if you dont want to marry him just because of a ring then i hope you burn in hell.

Yea op shut up. why argue?! if u loved him say yes be happy and marry him. I would prefer MY diamond ring, if it is atleast in my size!!!

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i love how jus bc op wanted a normal ring it automatically makes her a gold digger or ungrateful. ahhh the users of fml

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260- if she really loved him unconditionally then a ring wouldn't matter, his simple gesture and marriage alone should be enough to prove he loves her, a material object shouldn't have to symbolize their love...

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272 that wld be tru if no ring was given at all. i think she is upset is bc he put graphite in it. and his reasoning behind. i dont think she wld be upset if he said i wanna marry u but dont hav the money for a ring. if she wld be then thats ungrateful and gold diggerish

Unfortunally and scientifically, he is RIGHT. 

It's a diamond in process. It's actually pretty symbolic. he's pretty clever

She shouldn't be deemed a gold digger just because she wants a traditional diamond. Anyone who says "just be happy you have him" is dumb. No one should settle for less than what they want ever.

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I honestly think op should get over it. the fact he wants to marry your selfish ass should be enough. have you even seen what our economy is like lately? your lucky the graphite was mounted on a real ring.

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thing is most people would take this gesture as a sign of cheapness. also the guy said that he didnt get her a nice ring because theyre both carbon and not because he thinks that love should not be defined by a ring. its easy for people to say they wouldnt care for a graffite ring but no one would ever be happy if their fiance decided to not scrape the barrel for a lifetime commitment and if you say otherwise then youre lying and also talk is cheap.

19, scientifically, down to the atomic level, diamonds and graphite are the same thing, unlike the many things you mentioned.

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oh yea in addition to my previous comment because people are gonna pull bs that this whole situation should be about their love, the op should say yes anyways if everything else about the guy is good and she loves him. but also everyone who thinks shes a golddigger because she didnt like the fact that the guy was inconsiderate and didnt wanna pay for a diamond ring are probably extremely naive. practically no ones so unshallow they wouldnt be hurt from this incident and no one can say shit till this happens to them

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50-lmfao-my thoughts exactly--FTW !!!

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you people are annoying. not having money for a diamond doesn't make him an inconsiderate ass. it makes him a man who loves and wants to marry his girl. guess what? I'm not expecting a big rock. I'll take whatever, financial smartness is hot :)

a ring's a ring. so what if it's not a diamond?! OP's a bitch. It's about love.

Haha(: like at McDonalds or something :D haha

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Look at it this way, you have a very fancy pencil!

wow you really bought all that de beers marketing crap hook line and sinker. you do realize diamonds are worthless right ? try to sell one sometime. somewhere other then craigslist. ( Although de beers is going after people on craigslist now, that might be fun. )

is his name travis by any chance? because I knew a guy that wouldn't shut up about diamonds not being forever and graphite shizzz lol

ummm they are the same thing. just add 15000x more pressure to the graphite and millions of years and you got yourself a diamond. girls seem to think that diamonds are so easy to come by. they take about 1.5 million years to even begin to form.

While you are correct that it is just a material symbol, I can sympathize with her wanting something more traditional. She is not a gold digger, or materialistic. Just traditional.

Unless what they want is ******* ridiculous

I would actually want a unique ring, instead of the same one as everyone else. How many people have a graphite engagement ring?

And at least nobody had to die to harvest the graphite. Unlike "bloody" diamonds.

^ I'm a smart ass too  i gave my gf a lunch box for christmas with a bag of onion rings inside, she had been hinting for a "ring" I told her she can't complain since she could have her choice that way.

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^that's funny haha And seriously. OP is being freaking selfish! Be happy you're getting a ring at all! If you're going to whine SO much that you even put it on FML you don't exactly deserve him. Times are tough and not everyone can afford a diamond ring!

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if it makes you feel better, my chemistry professor said that graphite lasts longer than diamond

Greedy girl actually. You don't deserve him, go find a rich man who will buy you things and treat you like shit.

quit bitching if you love him then u wouldnt complain stupid

Totally agree #3. People need to stfu about her being greedy.

but she is being ******* greedy. it wouldn't matter to me if my boyfriend did that. it's hard times.

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Then why don't you marry him?! haha jk :P

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WTF just happened?! I could have sworn that I had replied to a different comment, my bad! D:

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I'm so sorry!!! comment #6 keeps switching from "4" to "smart man, I like him" and back again. I think I must be going crazy. I'm sorry D:

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someones off their meds :P haha jk :D

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hahha shhh it's a secret >.< but in all seriousness, you don't see it too??

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why are you bitching? at least you know he wants to spend the rest of his life with you now, so shut the **** up and be happy.

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^ This. Though it wouldn't be quite good if you show your ring to your "girl" friends. XD

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number 8 is probly sad and lonely and 40 years old

and 321 is probably so ugly her picture is only her ****.... no need to mention I don't have a pic it's because I'm too lazy

I couldn't've said it any better. Girls always complaining they're lonely but then when a guy comes along, they're ungrateful.

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I actually found your comment funny, I giggled somewhat loudly for a good 15 seconds.

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how is that an excuse to say no? if they both love eachother the ring doesn't matter. some of you need to think about the fact that maybe he didn't have a lot of money to buy a fancy big ass diamond ring. it's the thought that counts and if she loves him it doesn't matter.

You are an idiot. How the h*** is that a reason to turn him down?

Thatvsucks: Like Latvia, but sucks more. Say it out loud and you'll get it.

Aw I think that's funny and cute :) don't worry you can always upgrade for an anniversary

I agree with 12. Maybe that's all he can afford now? You could always get a beautiful diamond wedding band as well.

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When my husband proposed to me it was with a ring that had 3 white saphires instead of diamonds. I loved it because he wasn't being cheap, he had gone to my grandpa (who mines his own stones in Cambodia and has the stones cut and set in rings.) and picked out the ring he thought I would like best and bought it. It means a lot to me for many reasons. Rings don't have to be diamond rings to be special. Diamond wedding rings only became popular because of a well known and popular department store marketing them, years ago. I do draw the line at getting a ring because it's cheap if you think your fiancee prefers something else. The bragging about the cheapness of your knockoff...

I also agree with 12. I love visual humour, science, and I'm an artist who primarily works with graphite. I'd adore that ring.