By HK - 16/05/2012 22:38 - United Kingdom - Haywards Heath

Today, my boyfriend got mad at me because I refused to keep him company while he took a shit. FML
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Should have made it clear you had other shit to do.


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I wish I had one of those toilets like Big had in Rob & Big. Ahhh the comforts

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JocelynKaulitz 28

You never know, he could have been planning to kill you with his stink bomb :O

That's why you take your phone with you. Just don't drop it in the toilet >.<

nirvi 3

May be he is scared of toilet monsters..

15 mins of ********, 45 mins of angry birds

I'd prefer the lonely feeling.. then again my boyfriend comes into the bathroom all the time unannounced.. don't tell me to lock the door.. he picks the lock.

Seems like his perception of quality time is shitty.

You poor bloody woman! Are there no boundaries anymore? for the love of God!!

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You know tokio hotel *.* Totally irrelevant but omg how awesome!

I check FML when I'm on the John, then I realize I finished excreting half an hour ago......

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I would of said, okay next time its YOURturn 2 suffer thru smelling MY SHIT BiTchhhh !, then be like i love u babyy. Lls

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Should have made it clear you had other shit to do.

kickuwithmyfist 1

I guess now she's on his...shit list=D

Personally, I'm trying not to make a shitty pun...but I can't resist. Anyway, OP, giving your boyfriend some privacy is a good thing, though he seems to want to bond with you more often. Bathrooms make you feel isolated from the world, and I guess he just wanted to spend his special time with you.

Why does everyone else take so ******* long to shit?

Because they take their phones with them to take a dump. That's why it takes so long 84 because we're playing some game instead of actually ********

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Do you watch your dog every time he takes a dump too?

xxmel 6

I hate it when my cat walks in on me when I'm in the bathroom. She looks up at me and we make eye contact, and she knows what she's doing. They know.

Having a dump is meant to be a sacred, personal time...used to reflect on life and do the crossword

I agree, but I do it just in case I find someone hiding behind the shower curtains.

i bought clear shower curtains. never have to check again :D

Unless the person hiding is invisible...

"Toilet time is the last bastion of American freedom."

34- What can we say? It's a good time killer.

48 - Then there would be no reason for said person to hide... xD

He just thought it would be a good bonding experience

The best one-on-one time there is! No better way to get that sense of 'closeness'

1JDub 6

Why you selfish biaaaatch! YDI

Michellec9982 18

Aw he just wants to spend more time with you :)

She should get him a diaper--he can shit AND have company!

Tell him to take his phone or iPod next time. It's a great time passer :)

Hell, I'll bet you close to half the people reading this comment are in the bathroom.

mhopper 13

FaceTime! Then you can be there without the smell

tylersign 11

What did he think you were gonna do that would have made it that much better? Stand there and sing him a song? Hold his hand?

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I would do it, and pretend he was giving birth. "Push Jacob, push! I can see it's head! Deep breaths now!"

Chill, Kanye, there are worse problems. Like when OP realizes he's out of toilet paper.

Give him a blumpkin. (Harold and Kumar: Guantanamo Bay)

CallMeMcFeelii 13

You're wrong, bro. They said that on the white castle movie. The skeevy stoner roommates remember? Haha.

wtflawl 3

No definately guantonimo bay cause they were walking through the woods before they got to the inbreds house and then Harold threw the phone and the cop dude found it later

It actually was the white castle movie.

wtflawl 3

Look up guantonimo bay... Lol

CallMeMcFeelii 13

The guy off of American pie who boiked stifflers mom and his roommate started the blumkin in the white castle movie. Maybe it carried over into their next movie.