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  Roevera  |  14

I'd prefer the lonely feeling.. then again my boyfriend comes into the bathroom all the time unannounced.. don't tell me to lock the door.. he picks the lock.


Personally, I'm trying not to make a shitty pun...but I can't resist. Anyway, OP, giving your boyfriend some privacy is a good thing, though he seems to want to bond with you more often. Bathrooms make you feel isolated from the world, and I guess he just wanted to spend his special time with you.

  xxmel  |  6

I hate it when my cat walks in on me when I'm in the bathroom. She looks up at me and we make eye contact, and she knows what she's doing. They know.

  wtflawl  |  3

No definately guantonimo bay cause they were walking through the woods before they got to the inbreds house and then Harold threw the phone and the cop dude found it later