By Anonymous - 4/7/2020 14:01

Great time to try for a kid

  Today, my boyfriend of 4 years complained about having to jack off for IVF. We haven't had sex in 9 months, I have to take hormone injections, and I'm jealous of his own hand. FML
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By  ojoRojo  |  27

Ugh, IVF is the least romantic process, so hard to keep the flame going during all that. I hope you’re successful soon! (Both so you’ll have a baby and so he’ll stop whining)


Ejaculation during IVF process is not recommended as it reduces your numbers when collecting the samples. Also the injections can cause enlarged ovaries in women making sex painful. So, you can but it’s not recommended for better success.

  Susan Yee  |  9

Maybe beside she has fertility problem, he has low sperm counts, so he has to “reserve” his load for IVF.

By  bloopaloop  |  27

You know, you could start with getting married. Commitment means something and right now he doesn’t have it. Has no doctor talked to you about this? What about friends? Do they just say bs like “it’s okay!” And “you should do what feels best”? Not real friends.

  wysegirl  |  20

New day and age. Plus it's only a 50/50 shot at staying together. If he's complaining now though the relationship may not last after a kid. Good luck OP. Hope for the best.

By  Isaac Shields  |  9

all these people saying to leave him not realizing that for nine months he had been horny and yet stayed faithful so instead of automatically trash talking why not commend him for his loyalty

  s_ve  |  7

Really? Should we erect a statue in his honour or not cheating ? She’s going through a lot to be able to have a child and that’s what you have to say? She also went 9 months without sex or cheating soooo. Oh and yes you seem like the type or person that doesn’t realize women like sex.