By Anonymous - Maldives
Today, while using the bathroom I gave the toilet a courtesy flush, only for it to overflow and soak my pants. That would've been bad enough even if I hadn't been at work, with five hours left on my shift and no change of clothes. FML
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By  OlRed  |  28

Never never ever do a courtesy flush in a public restroom. I learned that the hard way .... And apparently so did you Op. If you absolutely have to, get up before Flushing to make sure this very thing doesn't happen then sit back down. But why didn't you take off your pants? That's what the hooks on the back of the bathroom door are four, and if there aren't hooks then get creative.

  ReilyStafford  |  13

I always courtesy flush...who wants to sit there smelling that? I don't. BUT I do always plan for an overflow. Happened to me once but I was able to escape and use another stall to finish up.

  OlRed  |  28

Good save 16, but we don't always have the luxury of an empty restroom to switch stalls. And besides, are you telling me you wouldn't rather bask in the steamy aroma? * sarcasm*

By  PineapplePizza  |  15


There are many possible reasons... But I keep a full set of clothes at school or work. Accidents happen, and more than once in my life I was happy to have that extra set.

(Bra, underwear, pants, shirt, and even socks). It pays off. Better keep it and not need it than need it and not have it, as was your case.

By  Bruhjf  |  13

How common is the toilet clogging or over flowing, i have never experienced this and always find the notion absurd when i hear people have clogged the toilets from taking a dump or it has overflowed. Let me know if its happened to you btw. Thanks.