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Today, I was wondering why I was getting strange looks all day at work. When I got to a mirror after my shift, I noticed a booger hanging out of my nose, which was visible only when I smiled. My job involves greeting people all day with a huge smile. FML
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  PurpleRae420  |  0

EWWhow bout wipe it with something that doesn't involve your hands OR YOUR TONGUE!!! Picking is NASTY but sucking it out of your nose and then spitting it is WAAAYY MORE UNSANITARY *barfs*

  flighted  |  1

I hate when stuff like that happens. I walked around all day when I was in HS with a sticker visible on my jeans that said "Cheeky Hipster" ("cheeky" boy shorts from Victorias secret lol) I only noticed when I saw my algebra teacher staring at my leg and when I was walking home from the bus stop I saw it hahaah sucked.

By  Casuality  |  6

It can happen to anyone, I guess strangers didn't want to put themselves in an uncomfortable position and were hoping someone else would tell you...Which obviously sucks. But if your friends didn't say anything I think it's time to find new ones.

  Casuality  |  6

Yeah, because I would expect my friends to look out for me. And save me the embarrassment. I know I wouldn't let my friend walk around with something that hangs out of their nose like nothing happened. It's even worse than TP on your shoes. o.o