By anonymous - Lebanon
Today, I went on an overnight airplane flight. I wanted to be comfy so I took off my shorts, threw a blanket over myself, and slept. When the lights came back on, I ran to the bathroom before they served food. After using the bathroom, I noticed I hadn't put my shorts back on. FML
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By  pandainspandex  |  19

You took your pants off on an airplane??? Seriously, who does that?

By  ohmandapants  |  16

YDI. Why didn't you just wear sweatpants or loose clothes if you wanted to be comfortable? Someone else has to sit in your seat after you're done with it you know. I don't understand how you thought it was appropriate to take off your shorts on a plane. Even if you had a blanket over you.

By  Anai08  |  17

I'm sorry, but I can think of no situation ever where it is appropriate to take your clothes off on a plane. You deserve any and all embarrassment OP.

  usnwife  |  18

I've changed clothes on a plane after my daughter spit up on me, which meant I had to take clothes off... But it was in the bathroom. And I put new clothes on. So yeah, taking clothes off and leaving them off - cant think of anything either!

  Soloman212  |  28

104- Then you run to the captains quarters, and pound on the door, demanding entry as the human torch. Once in, man the plane and do an emergency landing. If they don't let you in, or if you can't fly a plane, open an exit and jump out. No matter how this pans put, you either A. Landed a plane while on fire or B. Jumped out of a plane while on fire, both of which are very badass things to be able to say you did, assuming you survive, and if not, are very badass ways to die.