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Today, I was making love to my fiancée, when she dug her nails into my back and told me to "choke" her like I did last night. I was at work last night. FML
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Hopefully she just mistook the date.


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She might like it too much. She doesn't even deserve that!

I'm thinking that maybe a stranger came in and had sex with OP's fiancé, posing as OP.

#52, I'm going to agree with you, maybe she wasn't aware that it was someone else. It may have been in the dark. It could have been a ghost... but that's just what I think. Let the thumbing down begin.

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Today I was making love to my newly ex

Maybe she was dreaming and thought it was real? No? Okay. Fine. She was cheating. Soooo yeah. Dump her ass.

I think he should choke her for real and choke the guy who originally choker her.

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@98, you dawg, i heard you like choking.

It's ok. The secretary from Archer sleeps with everyone!! You're not special.

@52, yeah, maybe it was Tate in a rubber suit. Ahs ftw

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Hopefully she just mistook the date.

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Mistaking the date would be one thing. If I were the OP, I'd be more concerned if I never chocked her, ever? Maybe lack of oxygen those other kinky nights effected her memory. :P

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With them? Lol. If shit comes up two years later it means it was never resolved in the first place. And if it was resolved and still brought up then she never really made her peace with it the first time.. Communication is very important in all relationships.

I wouldn't be so naive. How do you mistake a date on the day before? I guess it would come down to whether he chokes her at all to know if it was mistake or cheating

Either way, I think OP would remember "choking" her.

I'm a girl and I frequently forget loads of stuff

I have horrible memory, plus I sometimes confuse my dreams with reality. I start talking about my dreams as if they actually happened and then I realize they were just a dream or I mistake something that happened in real life for a dream.

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Curb is too good for her. In a trash can is more deserving.

#8 if she was cheating i dont think she'd admit it like that. it seems like she honestly thought it was him. like in the movie Little Man or A Haunted House in both, either wife thought it was their husband they were having sex with when it was someone else.

#15: So you are now seriously comparing a movie to real life? Not so smart...

@22 - Of course he is. Are you telling me there isn't a magical land of sentient toys and cars, singing mermaids, and robot love?

15, you have a good point that but comparing to a movie is a bad idea. Plus, alot of people slip up on their secrets when they are in the heat of a moment.

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22- There have been real life cases where women thought they were having sex with their partners but it ended up being some rapist who posed as them. Movies aren't purely make believe, you know.

I'm inclined to think scenarios like that are VERY few and far between. Like someone else said, people tend to slip up in the heat of the moment, and she's most likely just a cheating bitch. Infidelity seems more and more common these days unfortunately...

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have you ever seen the first season of the american horror story? it happens there

Hmmmm....I'd say do what she asks and then deal with her cheating ass later xD

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Well theres an up and down side on that lol

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Doing what she asks will deal with her. It's all a matter of duration.

me and the ops girlfriend have something in common.. I honestly like it rough in bed also

Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?!

until the life leaves her eyes.... jk. don't kill people but definitely leave.

Well it's not to late to break it off...better than an affair while Married...that might not sound right but I hope it's understandable...

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Lol good thing he didn't find out on their wedding night lol

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Choke out the truth before you do anything OP, I'm sure she just got mixed up while you did your thing dude ;)

Do what she asks and then after you finish, lean in and whisper "I wasn't here last night." ... And then kick her ass out.

Ooh, I like that! Let her pause in shock and think, "Oh holy..." And boom. Kicked out. :)

I agree. That does sound like it'd be awesome/hilarious. lol

My fiance actually did this to one of his ex-girlfriends after he found out she was sleeping with pretty much everyone in town. She tried to run him over with her car the next day. Legendary. It is a poignant way to break up with a tramp though.

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sounds like a well deserved plan to me...

Interesting response, I like the way you think

She is obviously cheating, OP, and it's a good thing that you guys weren't married. There'll be no hassle with filing for divorce, and all the hocus pocus stuff. FYL, and I hope you'll find a woman that is loyal to the bone.

I wouldn't be so quick to declare that she's "obviously cheating" just on the basis of this short FML post. I've talked to people and referred to something we said or did "yesterday" only to realize it was actually many days ago. I'd _ask_ her about it, certainly, but I wouldn't jump to accusative conclusions quite so fast.

You may be right, but that doesn't change the fact that it's incredibly suspicious. Say it was actually a few days ago, one would think that OP would remember that and go "honey, that was actually a couple days ago. I was at work last night, but sure, that sounds fun!"

Could be. Or it could be that OP _did_ remember it, but that wouldn't have made as FMLish a post. OP, want to chime in here?

Yeah, maybe he tweaked it to fit this site better. I agree that OP does need to chime in and clarify a few details here.