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Today, I finished a big art project. It was a self-portrait done in acrylics. Proud of my piece, I showed my mom. After some thought her first comment was, "well, I'm either going to insult your art or your face." FML
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Tell her "Well I got my face from you so I guess you're just as ugly"


It's okay OP. I'm sure you and your painting are beautiful. Your mom is just jealous that she isn't as talented.

evilraider 5

That's when you say, "hey moms is I ever tell you people say we look really alike"

Pardon what? I understood what he was saying, and don't worry OP just say it's abstract art, she just doesn't have a powerful mind!

19-What 17 was trying to say was "That's when you say 'Hey mom, did I ever tell you people say we really look alike?'" It's okay, it took me a couple seconds too.

25 - You know, it just gets funnier when you try to explain it! sarcasm  /ˈsärˌkazəm/ Noun. The use of irony to mock or convey contempt

@34 He was rewriting it, not explaining it. The originals grammar and spelling were a little off. Asshole.

34-I wasn't repeating the joke you ignorant fuckwad, I was correcting 17's grammar. If you're illiterate to the point of missing that, then you should probably spend less time bashing people on the Internet and more time with a dictionary.

op is your last name bluth by any chance?

Tell her "Well I got my face from you so I guess you're just as ugly"

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I think that would've been the best comeback, given the situation...

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, unlucky your mum has stink eye.

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Tell her "Well, whatever of my face you're insulting would be from your side of the family."

Did you ask her if she could do any better?

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I'd rather have my face insulted cause i mean...i didnt make it lol