By Anonymous - 19/10/2012 20:54 - Czech Republic - Ceska

Today, while making love to my wife, I felt adventurous and told her to hit me. She didn't so much as hesitate before savagely slapping me with her ring hand. Now I'm back home from the hospital, with stitches closing up a huge gash on my cheek. FML
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OP's wife used ring slap It's super effective!

Sounds like she has been wanting to hit you for some time and was just waiting for permission.


Ouch. I'm sorry OP. Maybe find some other way to spice up things... a safer one

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LOL. That's what you get for asking! Haha that's hilarious. +1 to favorites!

50 shades? More like 50 stitches, am I right guys?

Any body else wondering if he finished before going to the hospital?

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@66, you are definitely wrong.

i was playing pokemon when i read that

How can you get more specific? He told his wife to hit him so she did. I think that's pretty specific. Just sayin.

well if someone said 'hit me' I wouldn't expect them to be meaning in the face. so "just sayin"

FilleNoir 21

48, I thumbed down for two reasons. Your stupid comment and the duckface.

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"slap me from a 45 degree angle using your thumb, middle finger, ring finger, pinky and palm. Remove your palm with a 70% higher velocity than your fingers. Repeat three times."

53, maybe try not being so rude? While you're at it, look up what a duck face is...

hannnahmarie 14

53, she's not even doing a duck face in her picture...

you'll have your opinions, I'll have mine.. get over it now and back off with the rudeness. thanks.

Well it is possible she changed her picture before the rest of you had the chance to comment. But either way I'm on her side.

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I believe she changed her pic, when I read this thread earlier she was doing a duck face.

OP's wife used ring slap It's super effective!

Inheritance 10

*OP has fainted* *OP was rushed to the closest hospital*

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The pimp hand is strong with this one.

Hey! I'm supposed to be doing those :(

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Yeah but it wasnt like he was taunting her sayin "i bet u cant hurt me"... Basically, he asked her to rough him up. Why would she rough him up to the extent that they stop having sex so he can go to the hospital?? A palm smack to the cheek wouldve been just fine!

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Um... Is it normal in the Czech Republic to slap your husband across the face while having sex??

daringtoride 27

Eek! I'm sure she didn't mean to! At least you're adventurous?

Slapping in sex can get pretty hard and hurtful and some people love that. She only forgot the ring and slit his face. But was the diamond facing down?

Maybe she backhanded him instead of the ring being turned backwards.

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Long story short: I messed up on the comment. This is the edit: I once ate cat poo.... Have a nice day!

just tell her to call you daddy. 10x more effective.

That's actually rather disgusting. I've always seen the phrase "who's your daddy" to be so horribly wrong.

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37 - That reminds me of the FML where OP's boyfriend said, "Who's your daddy?", and her dad walked into the room and said, "I am".

Lol., 51,. I want to read that one.,


I was thinking the same thing.

Well, now you have a funny story for the kids!!

BellaBelle_fml 23

Who would tell their children about their sex life?

Sulkiva 2

She hit your FACE?! Really...? Really...?

I'm pretty sure OP is talking about his lower cheek.

No she hit his bum but OP thought it would make a better story by saying face.

He did ask for it... Annndddd it was the face :)

Sulkiva 2

Gotcha, didn't cross my mind at the time.

Really, really. In donkey voice from Shrek. Sorry just seeing all those really(s) made me think of donkey.