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By dating walter white's gf apparently - 06/04/2013 19:13 - United Kingdom

Today, while going down on my girlfriend, I finally managed to give her an orgasm. During that orgasm, she tore out a clump of my hair, causing me to scream in pain. She scowled and said, "Ah shut it, ya little bitch." FML
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That she is, and I can safely assume that OP is probably not going to try to make her ****** ever again.

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Jesus Christ, how the hell does someone even manage to pull out a clump of someones hair?

by grabbing it and pulling really hard

Thank you for that breathtaking step by step on how to pull a clump of someones hair out.

1. Grasp firmly onto hair 2. Prepare grasped arm for strenuous event 3. Pull hair with great force until removed from head 4. ?????????????? 5. Profit!

I'm not sure how you'd profit, unless it's a celebrity and then you can put it on Ebay.

4: sell to "human hair butt plug" manufacturer.

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Some people have no control over what they do during an ******. Ever looked at the persons face having one? It usually not a pretty sight. Satasifing, but not pretty.

So true #53, apparently some ppl look like Steve Martin when they ******, but in a good way.

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36 - I definitely read that in Patrick's voice and couldn't stop laughing. I now feel the need to watch that episode. 77 - Well done

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Ouch. Sorry, dude. She was probably too embarrassed to apologize.

"Too embarrassed to apologize" so she tears off his hair and replies with "shut it ya little bitch"? Yeah that makes perfect sense !!! (ó_ò)

#5 is right, women can be very vulnerable after an ******. Especially if this is the first one they have 'shared' with their partner. Take the pain, bitch. That's for doing it wrong for so long.

Lol I totally thought you were gonna answer #4 because your profile picture is Jesus.

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You'd think she'd be a little more grateful

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Rip out her pubes, see what she thinks

I think this is a reasonable idea (srs). But make it look like an accident

This whole thread made my crotch hurt...

What the ****? She sounds lovely. Not! That is so rude!

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Geez are you dating hulk? She's a bit too strong, ripping out peoples hair and stuff. And she didn't even apologize even after all your hard work lol

Nah, she's not hulk. She just copes with her tricollomania (sp?) by ripping other people's hair out.