By rebeccacaissie - 21/11/2010 18:16 - United States

Today, I was being a little playful with my boyfriend when we began wrestling. He then put me in a choking headlock and wouldn't let me out until I "tapped out". FML
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winner by submission ur boyfriend!!! PWNED

sourgirl101 28

I agree with you, but they were just playing. It's just like being tickled until you say "mercy". It's the OP's fault that she's a sore loser.


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My idea of a romantic night out involves someone violently giving me a swirly until I erotically shit my pants. Any takers?

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better yet, she shouldve used the pin to kick his ass!

more like if you can't stand the heat get out of the octagon before you get fubared.

why does my shit get modded yet someone talking about hot steamy poo sex isn't?

FFML, that was so beautiful! OP just tap out? Or don't you like submitting you your clearly awesome boyfriend?

and you should stay away from the kitchen, fatty.

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**** that! Food is my friend.

What, the ****. Whoever moderated me, WTF!!

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Learn the rules, 51. Why don't you comment where you're supposed too? Unless you have something relevant to the comment you are replying to, don't reply. You could always go give out some BJs, since you claim to be so good at it. LIKE WHAT, KAY?

Pipe down, kids, or you won't get any supper :-)

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KiddNYC1O 20
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Can we do that, Kay? Do you think they're real people?

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#6, I will also love to be partakings in the swirlies

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#6 *slowly, awkwardly raises hand*

and, why didn't you tap out? not to mention you wrestled with a guy and expected to win? I thought women knew about testosterone.

If that comment were a facebook status I would "like" it.

KingDingALing 9

*Beavis and Butthead laugh* You guys are like...totally turning me on right now.

Now if you'd kicked his ass, none of this wouldve happened

mfmylife hey I was the guy that said 'kinky' do you have ffm or aim?

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great geak... it might not of been that she expected to win, but her boyfriend should have let her win.

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I'll do it. jk p.s you look very beautiful. :) just saying.

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sexist... it's a GIRL. she's probably dosnt wrestle

no joking in wrestling. fact. you always have to tap out. that's when arms and legs snap, or in this case you pass out and possible brain damage/death. don't engage if you aren't ready. lol.

vballerlover07 0

Haha. Girl, you need to learn some moves. Whenever my boyfriend and I wrestle, I always get him to tap out either by Sleeper hold or arm bar. I love wrestling with my boyfriend, even though I know he sometimes goes easy on me cause I'm a girl. But the doesn't mean I still don't have fun, plus I love UFC and learning new moves(:

ummm ... stop trying to rap u hill billy bahahahaaha who do u think u are jay z ?

Coming from the lady on the computer andor IPod.

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Wat the hell were u thinkin u shouldn't hav got him started he's a guy and as guys r we tend to keep goin when its a physical confrontation

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seriously! and why are people confusing "tapped out" with "passing out?" it sounds exactly like it is!

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Not really. I don't know about you, but I don't let my chemicals blind me when someone I care about is vulnerable in my arms.

I guess you were not making dinner, to him tonight! Or he was just pissed.... That's the question!?

You should never, EVER stay with a guy who abuses his girl. Get out of that relationship, for your own sake.

sourgirl101 28

I agree with you, but they were just playing. It's just like being tickled until you say "mercy". It's the OP's fault that she's a sore loser.

It is people like you, that spoil good relationships, friend gets slightly upset about something that under normal circumstances would blow over in less then a day, and suddenly has people like you fanning the flames.

Yea, by tapping out I thought she meant passed out, or unbearable pain. My bad. Not that much into wrestling.

cradle6 13

I see how he misunderstood. All tapping out means is to literally tap the ground a few times in order to formally 'give up' in wrestling.

94, Yep. However, I usually tap the person incase they don't see me tap the ground. I regularly wrestle with my bro, where there is no ref to see the tap, so I either tap his legs or arms.

-_- I bet all the people who said it was abuse didn't understand what tapping out meant when they posted it... it's somewhat annoying how many people don't know what tapping out means considering how popular MMA is getting...and the name tapping out is kinda self explanatory

like the others below me have already stated, it's all in play. op has no concerns unless the boyfriend is attempting an arm or shoulder lock, a neck crank, or a spinal lock. or a submission that doesn't enable you to tap either verbally or physically... |the kid|

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u r a stood little bitch. shut up!

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Its called MMA he probably did a rear naked choke thats were tapping out comes from

It sounds like he really crossed the line. Perhaps he didn't realize how rough he was being with you, but if you think there's a chance that he was doing that on purpose, you need to protect yourself and get out of the relationship.

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you look like a martian....Just sayin.

obbiously he was joking around. if she cant wrestle or play around she shouldnt do it. get off that no hitting girls crap.

Does he do wrestling or jujitsu or something and so thought you were actually wrestling properly as practise or something? Just a thought. However, tapping is a good way of letting someone know they've gone to far if they let go when you do. Especially if you're in a place where you can't be heard to tell them. However did you manage to ask if he'd let go and he still made you tap? Or did you expect him to know when to let go without any indication? If it was the former, you might need to reaffirm some boundaries with him.

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winner by submission ur boyfriend!!! PWNED

Somebody's not getting any tonight.....