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Today, as I was getting out of my car, an old and obese lady walked up to me and called me an "inconsiderate heartless bitch" for using the last handicap parking spot. I guess she didn't see my wheelchair. FML
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Fat people thinking they have a disability smh

Her handicap is obviously being a clueless twat.


Fat people thinking they have a disability smh

they do it is jut their fault

What's the disability lack of self control?

No, unless some medical thing is going on causing them to be fat, the extra walking distance will do them good.

1 - your comment and profile picture go so well together

Haha, exactly! Reminds me of a Ricky Gervais stand up act!

47, this is true but do you really think being fat is worse than having to be in a wheelchair?

47 I don't see how that's a disability to which they even deserve a handicap spot.

Sometimes it's a chicken and egg situation. A bad knee, for instance, can lead to less exercise, which can lead to more weight gain and a worse knee. But if one is actually in bad enough shape to apply for and get a disability parking pass, a long walk is likely to do them more damage than good. For a lot of people, walking is not the safest or healthiest form of exercise.

While I agree that sometimes being fat is caused by a disorder I don't necessarily think it warrants a handicapped parking space privilege, unless the person is pretty much wheelchair bound themselves - but if you're just "fat" and you walk everywhere else just fine, I don't think not having a special parking space will kill you.

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50 it may not be a handicap spot worthy disability, but i don't think that's what he was saying. My sister, for example, has had type 1 diabetes since she was a baby. She's in middle school and despite running track and playing soccer, she ways as much as i do. I'm an adult who's way taller than she is. I'm don't agree with the woman in the FML, but i hate it when people fat shame, denying the fact that actual medical issues can be behind things. Sorry for the long comment....

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I know that situation very well, i was very skinny, i exercised often, but a growth grew behind my knee, and i have the choice of an expensive surgery i can't afford, or to live with pain and swelling with too much walking or bending. I gained weight, from not being able to move too much, and meds. I am now working slowly to loose it, but gaining weight wasn't a choice, given one, I'd rather not have this. (i don't get handicap things though, i don't feel comfortable with it) I think people judge too quickly based on appearance. In this case, the lady went too far, judging the situation before she knew anything. Non handicapped people do park in those spots, but she didn't have a right to tell you anything.

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I hate it when people say not to judge the situation... maybe this particular lady DID have a reason that was beyond her control, but the minute she decided to berate someone else about it, she opened herself up to judging. I also am overweight for situations beyond my control. I always caution people not to be too harsh in judging, because, yes, gaining weight is usually a lack of self control. However, LOSING weight is extremely hard, especially after supporting a less than healthy lifestyle. But that being said- I never park near the store, always take the stairs, and work my ass off. Yes, I am overweight, but if you judge me as lazy, I'll challenge you to a 5k and prove your judgements wrong. Don't judge people by their weight. (Go ahead and judge by their behavior though.)

~47, 38 already said he's aware of medical conditions. Sure some medical conditions can cause weight gain but are quite rare. The vast majority of people are obese because they're lazy and have no self control, just 30-40 years ago, people weren't as fat as they are now. Much like ''ADHD'', it's just people wanting to blame their bad parenting/lack of self control on a rare or non-existent 'medical problem' and it's easy to do so because you can't disprove it.

#47, the issue in discussion is if that being fat is not a disability, not if people are fat by their own fault or not. Unless a person is so fat that their legs can't support the weight of their body, being fat is not a disability. But I doubt a person in such a condition would be able to go anywhere or even drive a car at all...

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I was at the store and I came out and in the handicapped spot was a black 300 with big chrome rims a jag hood ornament radio thumping , and like a 4 year old in a car seat. It had regular plates and no tag in the window. I opened my car and got one of these nifty stickers that read "this jerk parked in a handicap spot without tags" then it has the number to city hall so they could call and complain about the sticker just to be told that by way of City Ordinance it's perfectly legal for a citizen to put said sticker on a window of an illegally parked car. The best part of these sticker is they are the metal like type then they are cut like a warranty sticker so they are hard to remove

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There are some people who abuse the disabilty parking pass, i have seen it. So i think there needs to be strict guidlines you need to meet in order to qualify for a disabilty parking pass. You shouldnt be able to get one if you are overweight (for non medical reasons) and are to lazy to do something about it

#51 That's a catch-22 situation. You need to exercise to lose weight to help the bad knee, but you can't exercise because of the bad knee. Chicken and egg is when you can't determine which came first.

How do you know she didn't have a different disability that you couldn't see and just happened to be over weight as well?

My mother gained a massive amount of weight after being declared disabled due to rheumatoid arthritis. So now people look at her hobbling with a cane or on a motorized scooter and think, "What a fat ass." They don't know she worked her ass off for 30 years or anything else about her. The person OP was talking about was rude, but the obesity comment could've been left out of it. The fact of the matter is, none of you people know this obese person's history or any other person's history. I've had to watch my mother be ashamed of what she's turned into because she can't work out or do anything she used to. She's in so much pain, she can't even sleep. It breaks her spirit and stupid fuckwads like you don't help. I really hope none of you ever end up in a position where you gain weight because you can barely ******* move. A lot of people don't just use an Amigo or a handicapped parking spot because they're fat. Quit assuming shit. If I EVER out somewhere and I hear someone make a comment about my beautiful, amazing, hardworking mother, they're going to have to remove my foot from their ass.

The issue is the woman was complaining about OP taking the LAST space. The FML doesn't say if the obese old woman had a pass or not.

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69 - ADHD can actually be proven with neurological tests. You can see the abnormal brain activity. Your comment is offensive on the basis that you dismiss mental illness as a problem comparable to obesity.

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My mom has had both of her knees replaced due to arthritis, one of her knees has been replaced twice. She can't do anything high-impact while she's recovering and then gains weight. Gaining weight puts more pressure on her knees and causes more problems that need to be operated on again and again. It's a vicious cycle that's nearly impossible to get out of with diet alone. I'm not saying this is true for all people who are overweight with disabilities, but it really pisses me off when people assume that all people who are overweight and have a disability, are claiming disability because of their weight.

well 54, its not our job to decide who gets one. there are very specific rules that require doctor's proof in order to get a tag.

Don't try that I know plenty of people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes that started out fat and now are some of the most healthy people I've met. By The Way don't try and sugarcoat it because the lady from the post will eat that too

Thank The Lord we have someone who knows exactly the right point

#88 *claps while crying my heart out*

hate to break it to ya but MOST of the time type2 diabetes IS caused bc someone is overweight. so that statment was dumb. and type 1 diabetes is because your pancreas doesn't produce the way it should. and has nothing to do with already being fat or gaining weight. my brother was type 1 at the age of 9 maybe weighed 70 lbs. now he is 29 6 foot tall and 180. so no. diabetes doesn't cause weight gain. try again.

I understand some people are obese due to circumstances outside of their control. But if you can judge someone else be prepared to be judged. Or move out of the usa, that obese disease doesn't seem to affect nearly as much people as in the usa. Always sad to hear about people who can't afford surgery in modern countries, guess im a communist because to me thats unacceptable

Some people these days only care about themselves... OP, don't blame yourself, you did nothing wrong.

Yeah you should've pointed out to her you had a wheelchair cause she obviously didn't see it. I don't know what her problem is, the universal symbol for disabled is a person in a wheelchair, not some fat **** tub of lard.

Her handicap is obviously being a clueless twat.

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People are selfish and lazy in today's society. Don't let her bring you down!

Or a selfish twat. Possibly even both.

Guess that's 'murrica! Right?!

Good observation. OP is from America... Gold star for you.

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Exactly, as if e.g. Europe doesn't struggle with that problem. Sure, it's worse in America, but they're not the only ones, or else obesity would not be one of the greatest public health problems of this century..

Ambiguous404 is a virgin. They can't help it.

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Most people only care about themselves nowadays.

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I hope she wasn't driving, because she's clearly too blind to be on the road.

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How do fat people get handicapped placards anyway?

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Yeh, no kidding. Seen it. Know a woman that was always saying she lost xx albs. but would eat 5 large varied pastries in the morning and would hide junk food all over the place like an alcoholic hides alcohol.... Then was upset her case for disability was turned down more than once. crazy.

Some people who are overweight, actually do have a disability, obviously not all, but some do.

When I applied for one after breaking my leg the app listed being unable to walk 150ft w/o a break as a reason to qualify.

^put a cake a cake at the end of the parking lot, that'll prove to the people giving them out that they can do it.

True #18, and I have two friends who suffer from it due to hormonal inbalance etc. But let's be real, only about 5% of fat people can't help it, the others just can't help themselves!

#16--if she's hiding food everywhere like an alcoholic, it sounds like she has a binge eating disorder and should get treatment for it. Food can be an addiction too.

The Minnesota State Fair is proof that fat people will walk miles for food as long as it's deep fried and on a stick. FACT.

Before I get called Fatist, I'll add, I once tipped the scale at 273lbs. I let myself go after being raped. I didn't want to be looked at. Then I started trying to work out and as it turns out I'm exercise intolerant aka I'm allergic to working out. Google it, if you don't believe me.

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When fat people think they own the place when its their own damn fault. What's inconsiderate is people letting themselves go, get ill, blame others and put strain on the health services. Their arguments are ridiculous too but we'll leave that one now...