By RetailRage - 10/08/2015 12:23 - United States - San Francisco

Today, at my job working retail, I had just finished cleaning and straightening a whole aisle. This kid watched me do the whole thing. When I was done, he stuck his arm out, and ran it down the whole shelf, knocking everything off it. His mother just grabbed his hand and walked away. FML
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"Don't worry honey, it's their job to clean it up" -Asshole parents everywhere.

Bob Barker always said spay and neuter your pets.. some people need need to get their tubes tied or get a vasectomy.


What an asshat

I've seen this happen while shopping before. Sometimes the mothers just don't care, sorry OP.

??- The parent is worse than the child, if that was my kid I would make the little bastard stay there for as long as it took to make it all perfect again

I once had a manager that did a very similar thing, and then he tried to get me to quit because of it. It took me even longer to tidy that aisle in the first place because it was always a mess and no one ever tidied it.

I've done it before, I babysat a friends girl who kept touching everything on the shelf, after the 3rd time of being told to stop, 5 boxes of muesli bars came crashing down.... I stood their for 20 minutes until she finally picked them all up and told her to apologise to the shelf stocking boy

watch them go out and dropkick him to the ground and just walk away

If he's going to dropkick anybody, maybe it should be the mother... there are just so many things wrong with this situation, the majority of them being the mother's fault.

Just hit them both.

His mom should have made him pick it up def FYL op

Don't worry OP at least your hard work will pay off one day. :)

I doubt working retail with all these assholes is considered 'fulfilling'.

its really not, it's such a soul-destroying job to have. Every day you witness the worst in people and for what? a few cents or dollars off?

one reason I could never work retail. I would've been like ma'am? seriously?! how about instead of walking away you at least apologize or show your child that what he did was wrong!

She's obviously the type of stuck up bitch mother who would freak out and yell "how dare you tell me how to raise my child"

Next scene: Me: look at the video recordings. Do not let her child back to this store ever again.

IDC if they give her something honestly. I just can't stand by and watch someone treat me like nothing. I'm calling bitches out.

I like my retail job. It's a small high end store and I only have like 1 boss. I've told people to leave if their kids are obnoxious. I've threatened people with security too if they're being annoying and don't leave lol. I don't care.

Some kids are real brats, FYL op

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"Don't worry honey, it's their job to clean it up" -Asshole parents everywhere.

I have lost count of how many times I've heard customers say this in my store. It's crazy that people think because they're in public they don't have to have their kids under control.

I had a mother say those exact words when her son knocked almost every box of jello off the shelves while I was stocking nearby

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I worked retail for two years (long but comparatively short for some); the first time I heard a parent say this I was dumbfounded. It is rediculus the amount of shit retail (and employees in general) have to put up with.

this is when someone should've told that mother "its your job to raise an accountable child with manners "

Some people are horrible parents. I blame mommy dearest, not the kiddo.

Depends on the age of the kiddo.

Bob Barker always said spay and neuter your pets.. some people need need to get their tubes tied or get a vasectomy.

You are very unintelligent and unhumorous. I pitty the fool in you

#30 ya mad, bro?

That kid is a little shit, but it's obviously his mom that made him think shit like that is okay. So it's mostly her fault.