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Today, I had a panic attack because my boyfriend thought it would be sexy to choke me in the middle of sex. FML
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When you read all this comments you realize there are a lot of kids here...

and why is that such a big deal? you were a kid once. & you're only 22, so technically your brain isn't fully developed until you're 25, so you are on my same maturity level. (:

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No, he isn't on the same maturity level as you. Also everyone who is 24 or younger, all do not have the same maturity level.

is it me or is there two number 1's and four number 2's?????

are you kidding me? arguing over maturity levels is evidence of the lack of maturity

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frankly I say it is a big deal, I mean I'm like 8 months away from being 18 which is standardized state of being an adult where-as most younger people should definitely not read the shit on here, let alone live it. let him speak his ways, cuz he's not lying I'm pretty sure the number of 13 year olds on here outnumber the amount of 18 or 20 sum year olds! and OP who cares?

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sorry bout who cares part op that really sux ass next time make the payback worth his pain

no every year you become more mature. freshman annoy the shit outa me and I'm sure that seniors find us less mature then them

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No, it is never safe to choke someone during sex. People die from it every year.

a lot of people do find that sexy! but he still should have asked first.

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that's how David Carridine died.

David Caradine died from AUTO-erotic asphyxiation, meaning he choked himself to death...with rope.

That's a bit more than two cents, if you ask me.

What the hell, FML? Thinking I posted twice is somewhat understandable, but four times? And in reply to two different comments, no less! Edit: This is inexcusable. I hope the mods can remove most of these.

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Get a life. I choke my GF during sex and she loves it. She taught me.

Igor - Just because you like something does not mean everyone else will... This posted a million times and I have no idea why. :S Glitch?

that's so epic. let me guess, does he have one too when you squirt? xD

it's fun to do to! that dominance factor is just perfect (;

@4 and 10 Please die in a fire. Sincerely, People who don't want to read your half assed comments.

Dear God, we both know I've been having a trial of faith lately but I swear that I will go to church for the next year if you keep #4 and #3 from reproducing. For the rest of my life if you keep them from reproducing with each other. Thanks, xo

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I know, right? OP is just close minded.

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I doubt that she is closed minded but you are saying you wouldnt flip shit f your having sex and all of a sudden they are choking you? yea okay.

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Actually a lot of girls like to be choked. Some like to be squeezed more than others. Not necessarily trying to make you pass out. Some just like a hand around their neck with little or no pressure.

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#253 - Word. Every girl I've been with except one really enjoyed the "choking" I was doing, but it was little pressure around her neck and more pressure on her shoulders directing her towards me to help with the thrusts. Some people, such as maybe OP's boyfriend, aren't entirely sure how to start off and should only apply more constricting pressure to the neck if their women want more. Just like removing material from an object to get its weight right. Take it slow; you can always remove more material but you can seldom add if you removed too much.

Yes, but no one likes it without any warning or prior discussion.

It has nothing to do with ****. As a matter of fact, my own boyfriend likes the same thing done to him.. It's not about actually choking the person, it's just a pressure on the neck, and call it kinky if you want, but in a lot of cases, it has to do with trust. you have that person's life in your hand(s), and they're trusting you not to take it. It can, in that respect, end up becoming a turn on for both parties..

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I know what was going on. There's this thing, it's called rape. FYL

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Pick up a dictionary before you call it rape, idiot.

Yes, it's actually erotic asphyxiation and OP needs to toughen up a bit and enjoy being dominated!

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Omg yes!! I love erotic asphyxiation!! it's ******* awesome!!!

if it is without her accept to have such sex game, i would call it rape, or some kind of molestration. so he is kinda right. what a duche op! dump him! that is waaay sick to do without your permission! or give him back a kick in the balls without hos permission... that can be excused for a fetish too...

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63, how bout you pick up a dictionary and look up sarcasm, dumbass.

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#63: You look like a 12 year old. :P

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that's what I call great sex.

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I suggest you cut him off for awhile. That's how you train most boys. :)

she's just over reacting like most girls do. and he didn't think it was funny cause a lot of couples do that. and for the whole training and cut off thing ... **** you **** that's mean

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Not All Girls Over React . . Maybe The Ones You've Met . Some Ppl Might Clarify Choking As "Rough" Sex . Maybe She Just Doesnt Like Rough Sex , Ever Thought Of That ?

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Yes it is mean, but sadly that's how most men learn what's okay and what isn't. (: The name calling is mean as well.

or the fact that she doesn't wanna experience that yet??

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You wanna know another way to train your man about what to do and what not to do? ******* communication. If you say "Hey, I really don't like that," It probably has a better outcome than not having sex and expecting him to know what he did wrong. If you don't have that communication, your relationship is like trying to walk Helen Keller through a Final Fantasy game over the phone. Good luck with that.

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Oh come on that's like giving you the answers to a test. Making him think about what could be wrong shows what kind of man you have. :)

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ok, so he's supposed to sit there and think about what he did wrong? yet you aren't going to tell him what's wrong... most MEN (not the little pussy ass little bitches we see imitating Justin bieber) wouldn't be "trained" by that, in fact I pisses us off, believe it or not the try an guess what you did wrong method of communication does miraculously work allot better than the games. but I'm guessing because you like to play these mind games with guys, you've never had a relationship go past the first 3 months, am I correct in assuming this?

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Ha! Yeah, you do that and see how many men you go through before you find one intelligent enough to complete your "test." Men are ******* retards and I've seen too many good relationships go down in flames because they constantly tested each other's love. The only test you should need to do is the test of communication.

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wow just reread comment errors galore Gahh drunk and fml not good together lol, but seriously making a guy guess what he's done wrong pisses us off, just tell them what they did wrong, and work it out. and again I apologize for my previous comments shitty wording/ grammar.

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Lemme be clear.. Most of us guys WILL get why she's cutting us off sex.. We just won't give a ****. We're ******* humans. You talk to us, and we talk to you. You tell us what we did wrong, and we figure out what went badly. Tests are for school and drunk drivers, save it for the kids you're unlikely to have. I've gone through 9 relationships in my life. Only one ended well(we're not friends, but she knows she can come to me when things go badly), and the 9th one is the best I've been in and the girl I most respect. The only thing the two girls have in common is that they treated me like a human, not a ******* circus animal. Guys don't like being manipulated, tested, toyed with, or talked down to. You're probably single aren't you? Or your boyfriend's either an idiot, or too insecure to leave. No intelligent, secure man would put up with your games, unless he's mind-******* you himself. Relationships are not games, or one-way streets. No wonder you have to "train" them.. You probably can't keep an intelligent guy around long enough. It's girls like you that make the others look pathetic. Grow up before you come across a guy who treats you like his bitch. Anyways... OP's boyfriend was in the wrong. There's some things you can try out without talking.. But things like choking, restraining, or any other BDSM act are better talked about. I'm sure her boyfriend would like a warning before getting fingered in the ass.. Choking can be dangerous, and there needs to be mutual consent and talk of how much is too much. Even if he didn't physically cause damage, he probably scared her. I think choking is fine for some people, myself excluded, but you need to make sure that your partner is one of them. The guy obviously doesn't respect OP very much, and this form of violence could easily get him arrested, if she reports i LT

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I'm sorry thinking pisses you off. Yes I've had a relationship last more than 3 months. (:

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Oh yeah.. If you're too lazy to read: -Guys aren't circus animals, beeotches. Talk. -OP's boyfriend is a disrespectful idiot.

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Guys ARE animals in fact they're mammals. (:

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I said "circus animals", so you failed at being a smartass. And people who say that just sound like they just passed 3rd grade natural science.

You're actually an idiot, if a girl ever tries that on me and my mates we say **** them and they come back a week later acting superior and surprisingly get ignored... Guys with any form of security don't care if you cut them off for a week, we have other mates who aren't playing childish mind games. Any boyfriend you've tried this too has probably been off banging random ***** in his 'thinking time'

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Just give up, 95. This little girl is a fire starter. Don't get caught in the flames.

I quite like you InnocentLies, your SARCASM is halarious. I mean, I am all for an honest comment, but SARCASM is what really makes a good FML comment. Oh, by the way, your comment is SARCASM. Get it big boys? Goodness. -.-'

This is the most chauvinistic thing I've ever read.

I am at this very second embarrassed to be a woman in the presence of such douchebags. "Dduuuurrrrrr stop the sex, that'll learn 'em!" Yep that's a winner. Not saying, "hey I don't appreciate that." That is why men hate playing games-- women just never stop. Also, if you stop the sex they WILL find some dirty bitch elsewhere. 69- That was hilarious.

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112- It could be a joke.. It could be trolling.. But no human being with a decent grasp of the English language would call that sarcasm. Every time someone's idiocy gets called out, we see the cry of "herp derp! dat wuz sarcasm!!!" even though there's not a hint of irony.

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Agreed 142. Who, other than the mentally challenged, thinks that cutting off sex instead of talking about it is a good solution to a problem? People who have shitty relationships I guess. I feel sorry for any guy in a "relationship" with a girl who thinks she can "train" him and vice versa. Relationships should see both partners on an equal plane working together, not one or both trying to get the upper hand. That's just stupid. If she says, "Hey, I'm not really into kinky sex, so let's talk about it before trying something new." that's much better than being a dumb bitch and not having sex with him. On a side note, isn't withholding sex a punishment to yourself as well? Unless your a prude who doesn't like sex.

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Oh gosh look at what I started..

That's generally what happens when you say idiotic statements that only someone still in high school could think of. My advice is to listen to what everyone is telling you. They're right, you're an idiot. End of conversation.

I need to make a script that runs through the comments, finds those that belong to InnocentLies, and automatically gives them a thumbs-down. It would save so much trouble. Also, dudeitsdanny reminded me again why he's one of the best commenters. We are venturing into my field of inexpertise, but it seems to me as though there would have been some verbalization of — or at least allusion to — the boyfriend's (*casts about for a word*) desires before now. Perhaps, then, they already did have some discussion, and the boyfriend simply didn't respect the OP's choice. It is unlikely, in my opinion, but maybe the OP attempted communication, and it simply failed.

lol thats pretty much "training" me to bang your sister. In the ass.

let me guess... you must be single and all of your bfs never talk to "that crazy bitch" which is you ever again?

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