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By  Aspen_Grace33  |  27

Maybe he's been working on that thing forever and he is so close to finishing it!

At least you know when it comes time to have sex, he will take his time to do things right!

  x3jmac27  |  22

If he is waiting for marriage I am pretty sure she wouldn't be lying on his bed naked. I also don't think she would be randomely lying there naked without a reason. I know I wouldn't get randomely naked unless something was going to happen. Never know finishing a rubix cube before sex could be a fetish he has or maybe something he feels he must do before sex.

By  Cujo3269  |  9

Are you fat or ugly? Or have bad teeth? or smell? If not then maybe he's one of those gays. Or its one of those rare times where we just don't wanna have sex for some stupid reason. Lol, it happens