By someone - 17/09/2013 16:38 - United States - San Diego

Today, I was lying naked on my boyfriend's bed for the first time ever. He glanced at me, then started playing with a Rubik's cube. FML
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He might have gotten nervous. Don't worry, it's probably just a one time thing.


He might have gotten nervous. Don't worry, it's probably just a one time thing.

michaelaranda 28

Or he just doesnt want to have sex until his rubiks cube is solved. I have a friend who cant sleep unless his rubiks cube is solved.

Knowing that information, just to troll him, I'd put like 10 scrambled Rubik cubes next to his bed to see what would happen

What if he genuinely thought her "equipment" wasn't good enough?

Or he's gay? Come lay naked on my bed an see what happens lol

YeahYeahYeahOK 6

While that sucks, he was nervous. Give it time, he will want to solve you rather than that darn cube!

If that's true, she should find someone who would appreciate her "equipment".

My bf did that, and he continues to do so sometimes. He may just like doing Rubik's cubes

yeah,its bit confusing to break the ICE

So we have established that his priorities are straight.. I wonder if he is...

I don't think he's that much straight...

Well rubiks cubes are much less complicated. ,

He is clearly straight. He's just practicing to find her g spot.

I'll say what you won't 70.., he's Sheldon Cooper

Aspen_Grace33 27

Maybe he's been working on that thing forever and he is so close to finishing it! At least you know when it comes time to have sex, he will take his time to do things right!

Get busy with your vibrator while lying beside him. That should get his attention.

To be fair those things are damn addicting.

He's probably nervous. Maybe he's waiting till marriage??

Marriage? Why would you wait until marriage

It is popular among the stridently religious.

If he was that would probably be something that she would be aware of too. That's a pretty big thing to glaze over in a relationship.

Spider_Web 11

If he was waiting until marriage he probably would've let his partner know before it got to the point she had to lay on his bed naked

I'm not even religious and I'm waiting til marriage. And yes. I'm a dude. I think that if I wait it'll be more special.

If he is waiting for marriage I am pretty sure she wouldn't be lying on his bed naked. I also don't think she would be randomely lying there naked without a reason. I know I wouldn't get randomely naked unless something was going to happen. Never know finishing a rubix cube before sex could be a fetish he has or maybe something he feels he must do before sex.

Give him a chance, he hid preservatives in his rubik cube and his too nervous to solve it. >.>

I'm trying so hard to make sense of that...

This is a very long shot but "preservative" is the word for condom in some Eastern European languages...maybe that's what was meant?

Oh, jsgervais84 is from Montreal, guess French works too.

DrownedMyFish 18

40, don't try to do the impossible, you'll hurt yourself.

Maybe he's loosening up his fingers. Give him a few minutes.

Did he glace back up at you, put the rubik's cube down and pay you some attention?? He's probably just nervous if it's the first time he's seen you naked!

Are you fat or ugly? Or have bad teeth? or smell? If not then maybe he's one of those gays. Or its one of those rare times where we just don't wanna have sex for some stupid reason. Lol, it happens