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OMG!! She cares. Why do you have to be so crude? You'll have less stress on your life if you let the little things go. Try it. You'll see. It's peaceful not being a dick.

::shrug:: someone repeatedly posted my number for a 24/7 party girl (hooker) service. Now that sucked. But not really an FML... Just had to change my number

Some students at my mum's old school did this once, to their headmaster, deliberatly, using the school office number. And the headmaster's shiny new car. The result was similar and apparently the headmaster was ANGRY.

That's nothing! Before I switched my # I kept getting calls from Arizona asking if I was some lady. And a whole bunch of calls asking for a Tiffany White. Who's Tiffany White?

That used to happen to me, except, it was people (from a different state) wanting quotes for a new fence. It went on for a year, due to the company having my number listed in that years phone book. In the end, I gave quotes and a time I'd be there. I’m an aesthetician. Anyway, it was a bit of entertainment, for your day. You'll live.

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