By Kayt - 03/10/2011 04:38 - United States

Today, my boyfriend was going down on me for the first time. He stopped just as I was about to orgasm, and asked if I could finish by myself. Apparently he'd come up with a new algorithm for the Rubik's Cube on my desk and wanted to try it out. FML
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That damned Rubiks Cube, I've still never solved one.

yamatelle 19

OP, Rubik's Cubes are like penises. The more you play with them the harder they get.


Only one I solved was by peeling the stickers off and puttin them on in the correct setup

iamaleccarlson 0

Smart fella.. Are you sure he wasn't giving you head

LiveLaughFML 10

awe, your boyfriend has an algorithim for your Rubiks Cube but hasn't made a new algorithim to pleasure you :( lol FYL

Sounds like he would rather do Taylor's expansion than your's, OP.

He's trying to tell you the cube is easier to figure out than getting a woman off!

I don't understand other guys, like, if my girlfriend wanted to be eaten out, i would gladly do it until she's done, and maybe keep goin, cause i just love doing it ;D

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I no right???? Guys on here are so stupid

jazzy_123 20

I dont understand that. I mean when my bf goes down on me, my gestures and noises i make indicate if im about to ******. Anyway, that sucks. Hopefully next time hebgets it x)

That damned Rubiks Cube, I've still never solved one.

niiick97_fml 3

2 alas I haven't figured it out either.

10 - Going on youtube is too easy. I don't roll like that.

mgsoloist 14

It's so easy! Once you get the intuitive F2L down you're good from there. And sorry OP, but that's way more important. When I find a new algorithm I can't be distracted :/

I never solved one :( I used just take the little stickers off and move them around.

I once solved one by putting my penis in it.

I used to break the cube apart and put it back together like a puzzle.... But it was never the same because it became loose.

Once you figure it out you'll be a legend among men. Forget how to do it, then do it a second time an you will be the new Albert Einstein.

my boyfriends friend could do one in like 10 seconds. he would have someone scramble it for him or have someone bring him a new one and could still do it. it was amazing.

I haven't got around to learning F2L yet, still on begginners method, fastest time is 37 seconds :P

redfox1 4

My brothers best time is 1min. and 24 sec.

Genius!!! Cubes are awesome :p but that sucks for you OP

ramboman19 8

It sucks for her but doesn't lick! XD

Or she probably tasted like shit and he had to gtfo before throwing up so he did her a favor

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Sure... Ok no, I didn't understand you.

fthislyfe 22

You can have orgasms anytime! But you can't solve the Rubik's cube easily!

I can solve one in a record of 1min 30 sec and I'm learning how to speed cube. My friend who can speed cube has a record of 37 sec

Your boyfriends either really really smart (I can't think of an algorithm on the top of my head lol and even in that situation) or really dumb

RedPillSucks 31

I'd go for dumb. He can do the algorithm after he gets OP to ******. Had he focused on the one thing he was supposed to be doing, he'd get major props from her and still be able to get his algorithm. Now, he'll probably get dumped and have to deal with the ole one-handed reciprocating algorithm.

saIty 17

When I see a rubik's cube I just paint the sides.

Armature :P everyone knows you peel the stickers off....

nonelikeworms 0

was he using this 'algorithm' on you?

Well, she did say she was about to ****** before he stopped.

I know what I'd be doing. Get him right to the point of no return then say sorry just thought of something blah blah you'll have to finish yourself off. Easy

ChrisTheCalm 9

I'd rather play with a rubix cube than eat fish anyway. Welcome to the team bro! :D

allinicolesmh 0

yea because only gay people don't like genitals in their mouth....

Welcome to the team? What team is that, Team Dumbass?

ChrisTheCalm 9

If it was a team called team dumbass, you're family probably started it before anyone else, **** face.

That's what I was thinking Chris is not so calm. I bet DocBastard will win this argument.

yamatelle 19

OP, Rubik's Cubes are like penises. The more you play with them the harder they get.

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You ma'am know penises and rubiks cubes