By horny21 - 21/02/2010 08:19 - Canada

Today, I was laying on the bed, naked, waiting for my boyfriend to come home since we haven't had sex in almost a month. Hearing him come in, I struck my sexiest pose. He walked into our room and tossed his backpack at me. Not only did we not have sex, his backpack gave me a black eye. FML
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maybe he dosent like your body anymore

"OMIGOSH THERES A NAKED WOMAN IN MY ROOM THROW A BaCKPACK AT HER!" i would do the same... he probably did it by accident because he got scared or something...

crimewc 0

dang don't u feel bad u need start searching for somebody else u that crazy he have some else stupied ?


yeah right he probably just didn't want to do it and was tired

Backpack = Still in school? Oh god are you in HIGH SCHOOL :0

xlostwithoutu 0

They probably are in high school. Get married before having sex idiots.

STFU 41 no one likes to hear people like you shovel your bullshit on us

doink 0

Ever heard of college? Some people bring backpacks to their jobs, too.

I carry a backpack and I'm in college it doesn't necessarily mean that you're still in high school

41 your a douche bag who are you to judge what they do in there sex life you just jealous cause you don't get any at all and prolly never will

rap33r100 0

r u serius these years girls have sex before 13 for god sake

rldostie 19

and boys? Boys have sex before 13, too, right? no one should be having sex at 13 but let's not pretend it's worse for girls to be having sex. a guy gets a girl pregnant and his life is pretty much ****** too.

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There's this thing called college, I think you guys should try it

Were you that desperate for sex at the moment...?

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#4 I have to agree, was she really that desperate? lol

HamsteronA 0

don't lie on the bed posing, as soon as he comes in, push him aginst the wall and start. and don't start naked, then there's nothing to build up to. start in ur underwear

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#7 has obviosly experienced something like this before

ImThePope 2

Sounds interesting. Haha, care to share some more? (; Just kidding. You don't know what he did at "school" so don't get your hopes up OP! Maybe he wants to take a nap first?

Well who wants to screw some girl with a big honkin black eye? Then again the pretend rapist might.

jack8765 0

lol maybe he's in the closet and wanting to come out

perdix 29

At least he gave a toss. No, really, it's game over, man. Move on, nothing to see here.