By chelle - United States
  Today, I was laying in bed naked and blindfolded. I told my boyfriend he could do anything he wanted to me. About 30 minutes later I get out of bed and find him in the computer room play World of Warcraft. His friends needed him. FML
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By  Derick_Z  |  0

I don't get why so many are popping up recently about boyfriends playing WoW rather than being with their girlfriends. Was there a new patch or something? I've always hated WoW, since it stole my three best friends freshman year...

He didn't say anything? And you waited for 30 minutes? What did you think he was doing for half an hour? haha

By  friedkabob1225  |  0

dont blame your boyfriend for his methods of foreplay, no matter how weird. mayeb something about those sexy night elves gets him to "raise his sword" if you know what i mean