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By  LostSoul  |  19

Were you abused as a kid by chance? I have had a guy choke me, put a knife to my throat,and other things. I was not turned on. was also not afraid. Looked them in the eye and said, " Just do it, I dare you."

By  TxKitten79  |  10

Oh sweetie, you aren't messed up. Lots of people (myself included) enjoy knife play. Make a FetLife account, and start looking for BDSM lifestyle groups in your area to meet like-minded people who won't judge you, and where you may find a connection.

  Iamthebanzai22  |  18

I couldn't agree more. The BDSM community is full of amazing people and Fetlife is the place to find them. Incidentally, knife play is one of my favorite things of all time and there are many, many people who can orgasm just from having a knife held to their throat. One of the reasons why it works is that a part of your mind does not know the difference between sexual excitement and fear. There is a standing joke in the community about "How did you guys meet?" "Well, it was kinda during a mugging".