By Nick - United States
Today, I was looking in the refrigerator for something to drink. I found a jug of lemonade with a piece of paper on it saying "Mom's Lemonade, Don't Drink!" I was really thirsty, so I ignored it and drank the whole jug. My mom is about to have a colonoscopy and had filled it with laxatives. FML
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fuckin deserved it. im sure there was some other drink available. if someone goes OUT OF THEIR WAY to tell you not to do something you might generally do otherwise, pay attention. annoying as hell when my stuff is just gone because someone decided my snack would be best in their stomach.

  Sorrel  |  0

Do you not pay water bills? Tap water is not free, but it is very cheap. It costs like .003 dollars per gallon, but it is not free. Anyway, YDI for being a dumbass. How could you not taste it??

  HahaYDI  |  0

I am surprised that you had enough time to go online and type this out, you must have ran straight for the bathroom as soon as you submitted this lol

  xOpheliacx  |  0

#75, well you dont necessarily taste the laxatives. I had a colonoscopy recently, and I couldn't taste the stuff the doctor told me to get at all.

but yeah. OP, you definitely deserved it.

  ananamoose  |  0

to 153 your welcome, anytime, to this bitch that said she didn't like you, she is an inconsiderate slut who, cares only of herself and her riches, to her we are mere peasents and that my friend is not even worth trying to change, and with that let the horses race


wow, way to be a drama queen.
i was just joking about that, if u didnt notice.
maybe take some time from pointing out the obvious to recognize how people are talking and dont bitch out on them all the time.
and stop it with the stereotypes. and dont start assuming things and trying to make yourself sound smart. YOU'RE NOT.

  brutal_banger  |  10

everyone ignore 153 she just tries to sound smart but with a picture like that? cries for attention tryin to say "hey I'm fun yay" but hey that's just how I type remember her words! don't judge haha now u can't bitch at me or you'll be a hypocrite

By  Enryu  |  0

Yes, right that makes so much sense
Ii meanIi put lemonades with laxatives in my freezer all the time instead of mixing it just into ONE glass whenIi am about to drink it. Because you know one of these timesI'mmgoing to throw a partyy with those many people and someone will be like: HEY! come on lets all drink laxatives!Hey, doo you have a jug full of it?
TheI i can say: Why yes of coursI i have!


  wysegirl  |  20

Do research before posting ignorant comments. You drink about a gallon of liquid and a bottle of laxatives.. not a joke and not fake.