By tbree - 19/09/2014 22:38 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I asked my dad to take me to the store so I could get some feminine hygiene products. When we got there, he went running down the aisles yelling, "Help! My daughter's bleeding to death! Where're the tampons?!" FML
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Your dad is awesome!! Can I use that line when I am sent for supplies?? :)


Your dad is awesome!! Can I use that line when I am sent for supplies?? :)

Just sounds like he's trying to have a bit of fun and cheer you up!

Sounds like he was having a bit of fun yes, but I don't know that that would cheer someone up - I would die of humiliation.

Meh, Dads are embarrassing. Try having to go to your first ever GYN appointment with him. My aunt took me from that day on.

killerdana 19

Whenever my dad and I would go to a clothing store when I was a teen he would always ask me really loud if I needed any "boobie holders"

See it's their job. It's like some unwritten rule.

I would go back to the car haha but that is funny!

Tampons aren't one size fit all. So to (seemingly) unknowing dad he'd need some direction on what to buy if OP was to do this. Just gotta tough it out. It's a part of life. No one is going to judge you for buying tampons. I wish I could have seen OP's dad though. That had to be awesome.

a very insightful comment about tampons from a guy.^ thank u

Silly giraffe, you don't need tampons :)

At least he didn't ask someone if tampons took your virginity. lol

brendejafulable 41

I don't have to understand why peolpe even think about doing this... ehm right?

That's pretty funny actually; while it may be extremely embarrassing now, be happy you have a fun dad

At least he has a sense of humour, cheer up OP your dad sounds awesome!

Yeah, other people on FML usually complain that their dad's are usually booze addicts, get high, or they walk in on him and their mother getting it on! I wish I could have a dad like yours!

Thats totally something my dad would do. XD

Notice, the FML and Twitter sites have completely different web addresses and app icons.

I guess we found the girl who had the blind date with another FML poster a couple of days ago...