By Anonymous - 12/09/2011 08:43 - United States

Today, my 23 year old boyfriend of 2 years was forced to dump me, over the phone, by his mother. FML
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It's for the best. Now you can find a man with a pair.

godlybacon 5

No way, that's awful! And at 23 he shouldn't be forced into things by his mother... FYL


godlybacon 5

No way, that's awful! And at 23 he shouldn't be forced into things by his mother... FYL

catkat1988 17

At 23, he should be able to stand up to his mother and make his own decisions. Sure, the mother is probably a witch, but if he can't defend his relationship, then he is at fault.

Sounds like someone needs to grow a pair and start acting like a man. Sry OP

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He might have just used the mom story as an excuse...

Obviously this man does not love his girlfriend enough to stand up to his mother. That sucks :/

26 - Even if he was using it as an excuse, it's not a very ballsy move. He could grow a pair and say 'Sorry it's over.'

shybear15 0

Well if his balls haven't dropped yet... You dont need to be with him :)

It's for the best. Now you can find a man with a pair.

And she can find someone with a normal mom. Imagine being married to someone with a mother like that. S

TheSnakeDoctor20 17

30- OP could be a total bitch and hurting her "ex" boyfriend, don't just assume things

CatEyes66 0

Mama's boys are the worse, usually the mother runs the relationship. Even if the OP was a " b*tch" a 23 yr old man can take of himself. He doesn't need his mother running his love life, that's personal.

2...pair of what bananas, golf balls, bags answer me for the love of pairs!!!!

56 it was a typo it is supposed to be a pear

57 really... Wow your either really good at faking stuff or really stupid I'm figuring it out now, gimme a second.

@ 36 Do you happen to be the mom of the OP's ex- boyfriend? I can't think of any other reason why you would think that a mom forcing her son to break- up with someone would be normal. Even if the gf was the biggest bitch alive the mom still had to stay out of it. It's not her relationship and her son is 23 years old.

The mom doesn't "have" to stay out of anything, she can do what she wants. Since you can't think of any reason the mom should intervene, here's one I've seen. OP and BF could be a couple of heroine addicts and the mom is getting him the help he needs, starting with dropping the GF. On the other hand the mom could also hate this chick for no reason, and be denying her son an inheritance or some sort of money until he breaks it off.

Oh man that is messed up! If his mother has that much control you don't want to be with him anyway. She would probably start to try and control you as well. But I am sorry OP. I hope your day gets better.

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72- You ruined it! Everyone knows when someone askes what 'OP' stands for you have to make something up, like orange potatoes. Way to go.

You're better off without that wimp, obviously 2 years meant nothing to him.

Must have some lousy stuff there, OP.

do you really wanna be with a 23 year old man that gets punked by his mom like that anyway?

You stayed with a guy who still lived at home with his mom, I presume? Gee who's fault is this, now?

The guy that can't stand up for himself? It shouldn't matter where he lives.

Valid point, but if he really cared about her then he would have manned up to his mother. But he didn't, therefore he's still a kid depending on mom. So it's the OP's fault for not seeing the warning signs.

ReynshineCutting 10

A guy staying at home with his parents at that age doesn't mean shit. My fiancé loved with his parents until he was 23 and then he moved out with me and he doesn't have any issues.

I agree with freeze, it's very unattractive when a guy is controlled by his mom like that. I know because my first love was like that and him leaving me was the best thing ever!

Its the Oedipus complex repeating itself! Such a shame, my son when hes a man will live his own life, I did my part. Damn can't some moms understand that?

Same here! First guy I dated was controlled by his mom and grandma. Best thing I ever did was dump him. You will be happier just wait!

How do you know he wasn't using his mom as an excuse?

And on top of that we only hear the OP's point. Of course she's going to place blame elsewhere. For all we know the OP could be a horrible person.