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Today, I came home and saw on our fridge, "Please don't drink anymore, I really worry about your health" written by my 7-year-old daughter. I figured she wouldn't ever find out, so I opened the fridge. Then I found another note on a can that said, "So you're going to drink anyway?" FML
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You should feel lucky to have a smart daughter who really cares about you.


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um more like **** HER life for having you as a father.

Glad to see OP has someone responsible in the house to look after him.. Seriously OP, you're a single parent and an alcoholic, aren't you?.. And daughter is pretty much looking out for herself and you, too.. FYL, indeed..

I agree with 471 come on, if your daughter is telling you not to drink... LISTEN!!!

well guys, he might not be an alcoholic and his daughter just learned some facts at school and brought it home. but he may ofcourse be, an alcoholic.

I don't see an fml heremore like a smart kid

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ydi for not caring about ur kids. if your seven year old daughter cares enough about you and your health to write a note to remind you not to drink, what a terrible parent you are to just ignore her and do it anyway. imagine if it got worse and you had to go to rehab or something. that would be VERY tramatizing for your little girl

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I don't understand how you can all just assume he's a ****** up alcoholic. Maybe he just enjoys a beer after work and his daughter learned something new at school?

Yea ur lucky to have such a smart and caring kid u should listen to her

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I actually find this kind of cute. I can so see this in an under the influence comercial?

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it doesn't matter whether he's an alchoholic or not, he's a jerk for not listening to his kid. I don't think she learned that at school. if she notcies how much you drink then aomethings wrong right? listen to your kid. it's not a fyl that's and f your daughters life. ydi

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I agree with like 3:4 the people here **** her life. u suck

aww that's sweet that your daughter cares. too bad you don't care enough to quit for her.

LOL RayWilliamJohnson would love you! especially if your daughter was adopted and had squiral aids

y all the asumations? he was just getting a drink doesn't mean he is an alchoholic

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537, you're not cool. You're stupid.

that kids freakin smart. I should do that to my mom and her smoking

OP isn't a great dad. Your kid rules!

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stop drinking, it's worth it to make ur kids happy

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yea ik man tht was pretty good

hey she cares about u enought to say that

YOU ARE A HORRIBLE FATHER!!! YDI for being an alchohalic.

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and that's what makes u a moron.

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if your family has become that worried perhaps you should pull back a little on the sauce huh? wake up call time.

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awww she's sounds soo sweet... AND U DONT!! WTF! ur a single parent, and her dad, and ur an alcoholic!!! poor girl. AND UUUU SHOULD BE ASHAMED

she shouldve put a note on the can saying ima butch slap u if u open tht

drink whatever you want OP. if your an alcholic thts your choice. just don't hurt the kid. maybe before the kid judges she should have some too try. Granted beer will taste bitter, wine will be just fine. my personal opinion.

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537 thinks hes cool for not having a futue

An alcoholic is not someone who enjoys an occasional drink. If that were so, then my whole family would be alcoholics. If you are drinking to the point of getting drunk on a regular basis, then you have a problem. But enjoying couple of beers or some wine with dinner does not make you an alcoholic.

did 703 seriously just suggest that you let a 7 year old try alcohol? what's wrong with you?

did 703 seriously just suggest that you let a 7 year old try alcohol? what's wrong with you?

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hey612 you look like a fag

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you need to learn how to spell

607- see what it has done to your grammar?

Do you have a problem ? You're weird.

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wooooooooow. shes 7. if she's telling her dad to stop theres no way in hell she would drink. even wine.

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You seem drunk now, actually. Great grammar. 13? Really? Drinking makes you cool then? Yeah, it'll be cool alright when you're like OP and your 7 year-old daughter is having to be the responsible one.

Has anyone ever considered that there are major problems residing within the family? I wouldn't blame him if something as devastating as the mother passing away had taken place.

Which explains your horrible spelling and grammar. Hope you like being a minimum-wage frycook.

wow, have a great time killing your brain cells at such a young age!

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Yep, it's quite possible that her teacher said something that may have inferred that anyone who has any amount of alcohol is an alcoholic, or, perhaps, the daughter, being seven, doesn't have the perspective to understand that what she learned doesn't apply to everyone. There isn't nearly enough information in this FML to assume that he's a raging alcoholic or that his daughter is wise beyond her years.

537- You seem like you have a bright future ahead of you, judging from that

Haha, that note obviously surprised you.

If your seven year old kid wrote a note telling you to never watch television again you would be terrible for not listening. Just terrible.

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-602. Did you just call a 7 year old a ****? She's only looking after her father and hoping he doesn't have mental issues so she doesn't follow in his path. And 537, you're stupid for throwing your whole life away for some drinks. Why not wait like most civilized adults here? I'm 13 and even I think you're an incompetent adolescent.

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#563 Yep. Having one beer a day makes you an alcoholic. Totally makes sense.

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Clearly your brain cells are dying rapidly considering you can't for a sentence correctly or spell correctly. There are actual children that young that are as smart as OP's daughter. I bet you think it's cool to drink too huh? -_-

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You gotta be really stupid and a real loser to say messed up shit like that.

Your so cool for drinking when you were 13

I dont think its fair to call him (OP) a bad parent because he enjoys a cold one every now and again. I agree your children come first that being said everyone is entitled to have some me time. the fact that you are so quick to judge the guy with the little information youre given seems absurd. note he very well could be a horrible parent. i just dont think you can make that assumption based on what he said.

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#549 - I don't understand how you can assume it even has anything to do with alcohol. What if OP drinks diet soda constantly and his daughter doesn't want him to get diabetes from all that sugar or brain damage from all that aspartame?

"Keep out of reach of children" must have been lost on this person.

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You probably don't and want to be cool and if you do maybe your parents should watch their kid better! When me and my buddies stole a beer when we were your age our dads beat our ass

Quite frankly if she notices and it bothers her he should still stop

Wow, that's a ton of likes. Too bad I'm not American because I'd be proud if I was that I got the 1776th like.

wow, are people really THAT retarded? people keep commentin that "non-alcoholic beer has only a little alcohol." IT'S CALLED "non-alcoholic" FOR A REASON!!! if it had only a little alcohol, it would be called "only-a-little-alcoholic." please ppl, use common sense...

non alcoholic beer still has alcohol in it just hardly any, it would take you around 40 non alcoholic beers to get drunk... go watch manswers and mabye you will learn something dumbass

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Yup she's one smart cookie lol. He's lucky to have her as a daughter

what I want to know is, who does he get it from?!

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Put the note on a different can and drink that one

I had the same problem with my dad. I turned out ****** up, and he turned out to be suicidal. Way to go.

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536 you're screwed up @ 4 sorry about your dad and 536

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536 is a bitch. I'm sorry about your dad. I go through the same shit. A lot of people do. This FML may be THE saddest thing I've ever read in my life.

get over it, people die. if I could I would kill every human on earth but I can't so I continue. ******* ANTI FLOOD

pretty much the same has happened to me but may be worse, but I don't know.

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My uncle died because he was an alcoholic. He didn't die from alcohol, but his death is a story I don't want to explain. But if your daughter is worried, it's time to quit.

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I'm pretty sure YOU were drinking when you wrote that. or else I really hope you were joking cause drinking and bein an alcoholic isn't a joking matter. That little girl can really be messed up and all from her FATHER drinking. And I really hope the OP listened to his daughter because it really is so touching that his seven year old daughter would care so much about her daddy to do that.

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some people jar shouldn't be parents !!^ ^^^

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are you inefficient at thinking? shes 7, are yoy stupid? or ignorant? asshole.

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you rude, ignorant, bastard. this just shows that some people really shouldn't have kids!!

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wow dumb ass! dnt force a little 7 year old girl to drink! that is abuse! on so many levels! wow stupid ass! what were you thinking! that is NOT cool don't ever say tht again!

Clearly you are a bitchy alcoholic yourself and you need to get our head outta your ass and realize that he is affecting his daughter and ruining her life

Clearly all of you are dumb enough to believe that he/she was serious.

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Wow I thought this was FML, not an app to be preachy little pukes who can't take a joke. This dude was obviously joking. And you shouldn't be talking if your comment to this is "drinkin is messd up" so shut up and stop being preachy on an app for jokes.

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You are seriously messed up.

Wtf is wrong with you? How could u even think about giving a child alcohol? Ur such an asshole... I hope ur liver fails.

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You cold-hearted bitch! That sounds like something you'd do! And also, how's your liver going? I hope your kidneys and liver fail with your elvis presley looking ass. Sorry about that, that comment just made me mad.

You should feel lucky to have a smart daughter who really cares about you.

Yea I agree but in response to #1 there are lots of FML's 18 year old son asked if I was a 16 year old sold his house key for I think it evens out

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YES!! If your 7 year old is worried about your drinking and you STILL are selfish enough to sneek a drink you are an ALCOHOLIC! Hello, get help NOW! Go to AA & keep going till it sinks in how mean & stupid you are & how you are destroying your kid's life. I teach kids like yours & it is very sad.

Agreed. If OP really cared about his family, he would stop.

Please, please take this as a wake-up call and get some help!

Maybe you should listen.. Or no, you should most definitely stop drinking if your seven year old is telling you to. It's a hint, take it

Your 7 year old daughter knows better than you. FYL indeed.