Revenge is sweet

By Anonymous - 12/10/2013 22:03 - Iceland - Akranes

Today, my mom was acting really pissy, and I couldn't help but mutter that she must be on her period. Five hours later, I'm glued to the toilet with my phone, because she went all out for revenge and spiked my dinner with some hellishly potent kind of laxative. FML
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T9FTW 20

Welp, now you're both leaking.

You would think people would know better by now: don't ever accuse a woman being on her period; EVER.


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You would think people would know better by now: don't ever accuse a woman being on her period; EVER.

Mess with a girl on her period, another war is due to start.

I'm surprised she needed a laxative. Icelandic food normally gives you gut wrenching ass explosions that make you feel like you're ******** fire.

\ 28

As much as I think it's messed up to rip on a girl about her period, i do feel sympathy for OP for his Insanity ass workouts

I don't get why girls should take so much offense to that stuff it was kinda mean of op but it wasn't that bad

I don't think you've experienced yourself when Aunt Flow visits. I suggest a recorder.

#53 I know, why are girls so sensitive about that? (B.t.w. I'm a girl, I don't get that way about it)

EmsyyyRose13 24

#53 & #60 It's probably because it invalidates our anger sometimes. It's basically saying the only reason we get pissed is if we're on our cycle. We have emotions other times, too. I honestly don't care all that much, but some girls think of it that way.

@53 It's because that's basically saying 'you are just mad because you are on your cycle' as if anytime girls get mad it's irrational because of the period. You might not feel angered by it, but a lot of people say that ALL the time like that's the only reason a woman would be in a bad mood

OP definitely deserved it. You shouldn't ever make comments like that to a girl; it's just rude, unnecessary, and a bit condescending.

it's like just 'cause I'm mad don't assume that I'm on my period. Cause tonight when you're sleeping I'm just gonna assume you're dead and bury you in the backyard.

#1, #12, and whoever else voted YDI, there are several things about your opinions which I - as a woman - don't like/agree to. Gender equality goes both ways. If a woman is being an absolute bitch and spewing crap at a man, while the comeback 'are you on your period' is a snarky, offensive comment, it may not be unprovoked/unwarranted. If a woman is really hitting a man (or anyone, for that matter) where it hurts for seemingly no reason, then an insult like 'is it that time of the month again?' is comparatively mild and the fact that it is 'undermining' a woman's ability to act like a bitch without the help of crazy hormones does not then grant the woman immunity/license to kill. No. Hormones or no hormones, you are not allowed to assault someone by giving them laxatives (least of all your own child), because someone muttered a particularly insulting comment after you carried on like a bitch for a whole day (seriously.). Really ladies, stop making all of us look bad. I for one actually appreciated it when my ex asked me if I was on my period when I got cranky (even if he didn't ask it nicely) because most of the time it was right, and I would usually not realise I was being irrational until after he mentioned it. Then I would come to my senses and shut up and apologise. I don't know why it is such a sore spot for women because I personally would much much MUCH rather have a boyfriend, friend, family member or whoever attribute my awful behaviour to something I can't easily control (even if it isn't true!) than to have them just think that's part of my natural personality. (wtf?)

SneezyBear, you have an amazing gift. You must be a psychic. I mean, translating "my mom was acting really pissy" to "carried on like a bitch all day" must be some great display of extra-sensory perception. You must teach me your secret. Although, on second thought, psychics are full of shit, so I'll pass.

#111 I did say 'if'. I don't know how bad OP's mum was acting, but I'm just making a point that OP's comment, may have been mild COMPARED to what the mother said. Either way, physical assault is never justified by verbal provocation, no matter how cutting, and as an adult OP's mum should know better, hormones or no. Being a woman/having periods/getting offended by period comments does not give you any excuse to act that way.

Aussieinusa 5

I knew a woman once who told her daughter that she was allowed to be extra bitchy when she was on her monthly cycle, and actually encouraged it (like make it worse than it was). It was getting so bad that when they were going through them, the husband and son stayed out of the house for the duration. A friend of hers informed me of this.

"But a lot of the time people say that ALL the time...." Sometimes I always never almost comment.

"you are not allowed to assault someone by giving them laxatives (least of all your own child), because someone muttered a particularly insulting comment after you carried on like a bitch for a whole day " Oh, come on, sneezybear. You were seriously pretending to know what happened with OP's mom. Unless maybe you were talking about someone else who gave an insulting comment to their mother and then got laxatives? In any case, I wasn't defending the mother's actions, just saying how it's ridiculous to pretend to know what happened.

#123 I did throw in two hypothetical 'if' examples at the very start to let people see where I was going, but I'm sorry if the last part wasn't clear. Whether she was being a complete bitch or whether OP made that retort over a little grumpiness I grant that there's no way of knowing, and I apologise if I didn't make that clearer in my first comment. All I meant was that there is a very real possibility OP's mum WAS crossing the line before the comment was made, and either way her reaction was not justified at all. I hope it makes sense now.

FalseBlade 6

Forget the period joke, you just never, NEVER, **** with the one that makes your food.

Yeah, I get it that women really can´t help themself in this time, since they are on some kind of hormonal auto-pilot. But honestly, as a man I am sick that this seems to be an excuse for pretty much everything. Putting a strong laxative in someones food is actually considered to be bodily harm, at least by german law. I know that a lot of people here will not agree with me and actually think this is funny. Hurting your own child this way is just messed up. What will she do when OP accidently steps on her toes next time, gut him in his sleep?


Why is everyone thumbing up this poster insulting the name of this place of residence?

Maybe she wasn't being a bitch, just not approachable. We don't know.

Redoxx_fml 22

Guess she must be on her period

You want to get glue to the toilet,wolf boy?

Redoxx_fml 22

Last time my mom was on her period she let Jaime Lannister go free -_-

Being the only person out of 763 who posted that instead of clicking the button doesn't make you special.

This comment brought to you by Captain Obvious. For your obvious needs, why not look to what's in plain site?

I hate this expression. It's ******* disgusting. "rags"? seriously?

its from back when they didnt have pads or tampons and used actual rags

-.- I know. I'm just expressing my hatred of the term nowadays.

this is the first time I've come across that term, it's a bit gross, but also a bit funny

Watch out, commenters. You may be next.

Only if anyone else is dumb enough to diss the hand that feeds you. ;P

\ 28

And the ****** that births you :(

addioty 19

Birthed from her ****** or not, what she did was ******* crossing a line and a horribly bitchy thing to do. I too get really angry when people assume I'm on period just because I get frustrated, but I wouldn't go as far as to plant laxatives in my child's food. There is laxative overdose and period or not, what she did was unjustifiable. I may seem like I'm overreacting but I hate when people try to justify immature behavior with the "she's your mother" excuse.

JMichael 25

Haha well at least you now know that she is.

How does that prove that she is? Maybe she was just pissed by her sons insensitive comment.

T9FTW 20

Welp, now you're both leaking.

Allennis44 16

Don't disrespect your mother and she wouldn't have done that

Personally I'd prefer getting smacked for running my mouth. I guess parents have to get creative with all the bleeding heart BS nowadays.

You should never mess with an angry woman.