By kashish0711 - 02/08/2009 16:14 - India

Today, I was at home, my mom came and saw me holding what she thought was a glass of beer. She took the glass, threw it and slapped me for drinking it. I was drinking Apple Juice. FML
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It s hilarious. But, Apple Juice smells nothing like Beer. Apple Juice kinda reminds me more of wine though..

Beer has foam at the top and bubbles, apple juice doesn't. And rather then wine, it just reminds me of that yummy sparkling apple cider we all have at Christmas. :] OP, your mom has serious trust issue with you. Tell her to get off her high horse.

#39 - Wait, you're telling me that you have Sparkling Apple Cider at Christmas too!!! Dude, so do I!! THAT IS SO AWESOME!

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wow, aren't YOU special? (insert sarcasm here)

You're just jealous giggity0giggity because YOU don't get Sparkling Apple Cider on Christmas :P

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oh yeah, it totally breaks me up inside.

This is a YDI cuz it's from India. And no i'm not being racist. In India booze is a HUGE deal, in the negative way. A slap would be on the low-grade scale of punishments over there.

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....But he still wasn't drinking beer...

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ooh good point #74.. still you'd think she'd have smelled it first

So he deserves to have his drink thrown across the room, accused of drinking beer, and slapped by his mother for drinking apple juice? Yeah, that makes total sense.

that's weird because i've been to that town and the people are pretty chill and modern

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I don't know why parents freak out about stuff like that. Beer is not a big deal. If you were snorting coke or something, she could be pissed...

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Psh if her mom caught her doing coke, she should just bust her out a line. Her mom shouldn't freak out unless she catches her doing things more along the lines of punching babies or feeding baby otters cigarettes

The poster is from India though. In many areas of India alcohol is banned outright, the legal drinking age is 20-25 in others, etc. It seems to me that alcohol is a big deal over there.

Are you Indian #37?? If you were you wouldn't say this. If I tell my mom that I booze. She will probably slit my throat and then hang herself. That's the way it seen in India. Drinking is considered a habit for people worth no good. Can't help it.

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Oh. Well that is unfortunate.

Tell me about it. I have to go to another city to booze. And for that reason I get to do it only once in 4 months or so. FML!

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how would you read that? "laugh out loud, out loud, out loud, out loud, out loud, out loud, out loud. laugh out loud"?

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wow, i'd call that overreacting. couldnt she have at least asked you what you were drinking first before assuming? Shows she doesnt trust you.

Maybee She Thought It Was Her Beer! :O

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Um she did think it was beer, that's what the slap was for.

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actually, #6 jokingly said that maybe the mom thought it was HER beer.

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bahaha that sounds like something my mom would do. xD

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apple juice is addictive though.

overreaction? Tell your mum to get off her ******* high horse and welcome her to the 21st century (This is assuming you're not REALLY young)

Uhh the OP is Indian. You can't talk like that to Indian Moms. You just can't. Should not even try it.

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At least she cares! I know some parents who flat out give their kids the alcohol

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At least she cares! I know some parents who flat out give their kids the alcohol