By bubbalicious - 13/08/2009 20:57 - Canada

Today, I was on the phone bragging to a friend about losing my virginity last night. When I went downstairs, my 6 year old sister was digging through my purse. She explained that she had overheard my conversation and wanted to help me find my virginity. My mom was in the kitchen with us. FML
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xNatsuki 0

Your sister is so cute. YDI for bragging.

Lol! That is funnier than crap. Poor you. :P


Lol! That is funnier than crap. Poor you. :P

Damn honey I'm sorry. Want me to get something for your mom to smooth things over? Be sure to tell her we used protection.

YDI for bragging about having sex. You lonely ****.

Brag about getting laid... first time or not... you did it for the wrong reasons. Sex is about something, called, "bedside manner," and if you don't have that, you are screwed. Good luck in life though. Learn some etiquette please.

Curtieeeez 0

"you are screwed" Pun intended? ;)

thats sweet/cute of your sister though lol

I hope you're old enough to have sex... by old enough I mean when puberty is over.

LMAO58 0

well thats a slap in the face aint it? lol

sam99_fml 0

dude do u even know what bedside manner means? It has nothing to do with this FML. Learn some vocabulary please. Good luck in life though, smartass. :)

Mata_Hari 0

#204, I don't think Stunt meant that kind of "bedside manner"...

tinkchic4life 0

LOL but yea at least ur sis was willing to help.but good luck with ur mom

Thabb 0

This is hilarious... faved.

im sorry but that is reeeeeeeaaally funny :) your sister is wicked :Dx 223- you just wasted like 10 minutes of your life typing all that :P

little_angie 0

that really should be more carefully about your conversation next time

Shit. Well, maybe next time you'll learn to speak quietly. Or not brag about your sexual experiences while your sibling or mom are in the house. FYL for ruining the trust your mother shared with you.

cucumberfabulous 7

Yeaaa....... hahaha that's funny buuuuuutttt....YDI..

hahahahahahajajajahahahahaha love ur pick merely pissed myself

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dailyfml_er 0

#5 some people follow their religious morals and its not embarrasing for them to be virgins

What about people who choose to be virgins?

cucumberfabulous 7

Just because you're a virgin at 20 doesn't mean you CAN'T get laid.....They probably want to wait for the right person instead of just having sex with people you met the night before..

There's something wrong with someone who does that? Stop being so close minded. Some people want to wait for the right person and/or are doing it for religious purposes. I have met some pretty hot virgins who can get laid whenever they want but don't. Besides it indicates some semblance of self control which your mouth seems to lack. Not saying that anyone who has sex has no self control just saying it takes some willpower to pull that off.

#5 I am a 19 years old and my boyfriend of almost 6 years is 20 and we are both still virgins. We are saving ourselves until marriage. I believe that people should only have sex when they can handle all of the consequences.

Mulada 0

And seriously, you think teens having sex is a good thing? Even the most responsible teenager is still a teenager.

I think it's embarassing to be a virgin if you don't want to be. But yeah, not everyone who's a virgin is some ugly dork who can't get laid.

CDS09 0

#5 you are an idiot...anyone can get laid, and thats because there are so many people like you running around thinking to yourself "OMG, if I dont get laid within the next week I will be a loser. My sexual promiscuity defines me as a person". Grow up

wow i dont think ive ever heard anything so stupid in my life. what makes you think they CANT get laid? what if they just choose not to?

nivek94 0

That's true, my friend has a shirt that says "Virginity Rules" on the front on the back it says "Loving my wife and I haven't even met her yet" he wears it all the time

little_mermaid_fml 0

AGREEEDD with 12, 13, & 14. props to people who can wait til they're 20

naja_12168 3

Wow, all you guys beat me to the punch. I was about to set this person straight but you all did a lovely job for me. It seems that number five is the only person that something is wrong with. There is NOTHING wrong with saving your virginity until your ready. Some people just don't get it.

xgogreen 0

one of the top youtubers [shane dawson] is still a virgin and he's 21.

I do aplogize, my above comment was meant to be in reply to #85.

Wow it is so nice to know that people don't look down upon virgins!! I am a virgin, basically coz i don't have a GF and also coz i don't wanna do it with a random girl. I used to pretty much think that people in the west are like "urgh this guys is still a virgin" All thanks to teen sex comedy of hollywood. But you guys are not like that. Really happy to know that!

cucumberfabulous 7

Hey I know! I'm a virgin and I'm only 17, yet.... people think I'm a loser!

#5, as everyone seems to have demonstrated, there are many people who choose to stay virgins for a variety of reasons. It's not just that they can't get laid. However, I respect your pre-emptive argument that people shouldn't be criticizing her for losing her virginity at 16. So you're wrong, but so are the people who mindlessly consider this a YDI because she had sex, which automatically makes her a harlot in their minds. We should not criticize those who choose to maintain their virginity and we should not criticize those who instead decide to have sex. It's all a personal choice. And it's legal, since the Age of Consent is 16.

Bored_2_Death 0

Yay for mentioning Shane Dawson!

QueenOfMelodrama 0

Wow, really? I'm a 21 year old virgin by choice. I'm not even remotely embarrassed by it. Yeah, it's technically not the norm...but it's not at all out of the ordinary. I haven't felt ready, nor have I found the right person at the right's not that I haven't been able to or gotten the chance. I would say there's something wrong if you think it's embarrassing to be a virgin past your teenage years. Teenagers GENERALLY aren't responsible enough to be having sex anyway. Just because it's normal doesn't mean it's right.

That or you actually have some morality and will power.

I'm 18. I'm not a virgin. I wish I still was so I could lose it to someone that matters :( #5 please think with your head rather than your genetalia.

you are a **** if you do anything before marriage , she has nothing to be proud about

xNatsuki 0

Your sister is so cute. YDI for bragging.

Definitely. Who brags about losing their virginity. I don't even want to know how old the OP is...

YDI for bragging while your mom and sister were in the house

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#11 is moron, we're not all ignorant enough to be religious

Mulada 0

And not everyone is a big enough asshole to call anyone who doesn't share our beliefs "ignorant".

therandomguy 0

and not everyone is stupid enough to try to start yet another religious debate. and yes, i am religious

Why does that matter? We don't live in the 1800s anymore, your virginity is a personal choice.

Rach17 0

Seriously. If she wants to lose it, she can lose it. But I still think it's a little nasty she was bragging over the phone. In person and alone sounds a bit like a better option...

Hey asshole i'm religious and i am most certainly not ignorant. And #11 didn't say a damn thing about religion so make sure you know your facts before being a dickhole or you'll just look like a huge idiot.

Your language isn't making you look particularly intelligent, unfortunately. I am religious, and feel embarrassed for you.

therandomguy 0

im talking to number 65 by the way. wanted to clear that up

not everyone is a fridget, prudish **** like u. pple like u make me soo ******* angry >:(

hotdayum15 0

Hahaha your sister is so cute