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Today, I was helping my friend with her little sister's birthday party. We were playing a game where you get up and switch seats if you've done a certain thing. One girl said to switch if you've kissed a boy. I watched as 18 12-year-olds switched seats with each other. I stayed sitting. I'm 17. FML
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Aww, you're just waiting for a good person to come along. =) Don't worry, your life's not f*****.

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thats really not so bad...i have a friend thats 22 that hasn't kissed a boy. dont think of it as a bad thing...she doesn't. the right guy just hasn't come along yet :) a first kiss should be special


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Aww, you're just waiting for a good person to come along. =) Don't worry, your life's not f*****.

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I feel your pain... except with girls lol

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What #1 said :) It'll be worth the wait

I agree with the #1. Nothing worry about it, hell i'm a guy and i'm 20 years old ant still haven't kissed a girl. Whatever has to happen will happen in due course of time. Just have patience. Be happy that you are not a ***** who goes not doing every cute guy you meet!

#1's reasoning reminds me of my friend. He's 17 and never kissed a girl and when my other friend asked him why, he said he was "saving himself" haha

maybe your friend and i can meet...16 and still a mouth virgin...:[

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if she asked if you kissed a girl i bet you would have stood up. admit it your a lesbian. ******

I feel your pain. Never kissed a girl, never been on a date, always been rejected when I've asked people out, always been told I should try harder. FYL, and FML.

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Haha not trying to be mean but Im getting the feeling some of you guys that are "saving yourselfs for someone" just have some rejection problems. :P

lol ive kissed 6 girls and gone out with 13 and im 14

OK, i feel the pain of anyone else who hasn't been kissed, and i guess i agree with #1. But sometimes it really taunts you when pretty much everyone around you is a couple. It really sucks

Congrats #170, you're the world's first male ****!

Oh wow. Some people are EXTREMELY immature. Your calling the poor girl a lesbian because shes 17 and shes never kissed a guy ? At least shes not a ***** who goes around f**king every cute guy she sees. Like..leave her alone. Shes saving her kisses for someone who REALLY deserves them. I bet those kids are gonna lose their mouth virginity at age 13 and their actual virginity at 15 :l Little slutts.

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so #170, you've gone out with 2x more girls than you've kissed? I'd hardly consider a 1 week relationship where you hold hands during recess "going out." bragging FAIL. try again once your balls drop.

haa #170, who keeps counts of how many girls they have kissed? an immature 14yr old like you that is who. Seriously, no one really cares about how many girls you have kissed and no body really asks.

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♫High school is such a serious thing, these problems matter!♫

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no don't listen to these people trying to make you feel better, your life does suck =/

To the person who made the lesbian comment-Wow ur a jerkass.

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Maybe your not doing it right. I suggest you change your strategy and have some confidence. No one wants to date a self conscious nervous wreck! The right girl will come1

To #117: I admire your bravery for asking people out :) I can't do that (I'm a girl though so hopefully I can somehow get by without having to...) To the OP: I didn't have my first kiss until I was 18, so don't worry about it! I know how much it sucks, but I thought it would never happen for me and it finally did, so it will for you too. Good luck and don't give up!

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shes a girl yo. the right "guy" will come

omg you're sooooooo coooool!!! shut up.

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wait! if their were all girls there then why wasnt the party in the kitchen?!!

#170 shut up who counts. #180 totally agree with you

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your so big. i'm 14 and i've ****** many girls. your mom included.

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I'm 11 and I've kissed!!! LOL

im 12 and most of my class have had their first kiss ( including me )

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I bet most of them were lying. They just switched places so people didn't make fun of them for not kissing anyone. Don't feel bad, I'm a 15 year old girl and haven't kissed anyone either. Save it for right person(:

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i'm also 15 , and i never kissed a girl. so what ? i will not kiss a girl just to say : i kissed a girl . you didn't find the right person yet , but i believe you'll find it soon . it's normal , you just want it to be special :)

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the game is called Train Wreck btw :) I've played it a million times. it does get pretty embarrasing sometimes lol

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I haven't kissed anyone either...:)

raincookie, I love your picture! sorry OP I just had sex, I can't imagine your pain

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170- you little manwhore!! JK :) wow, you've gone out with 13 girls!?

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haha @209 I bet npone got that reference xD family guy ftw and oth

#170 - I used to have your same mindset too until I realized how empty it feels to just go through girls like that. You can brag about it all you want right now kid, but one day like me you'll regret being such an ignorant dumbass and wish that you've never been with any of those girls at all. Also, seriously, "13 girls" and you're 14? You can't count the ones you held hands with for a day. Your attempt at Internet badassery fails miserably...

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We can fix jk but FYL though

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thats really not so bad...i have a friend thats 22 that hasn't kissed a boy. dont think of it as a bad thing...she doesn't. the right guy just hasn't come along yet :) a first kiss should be special


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You would be good at the original version of this. Namely; I have never, a drinking game with the same idea.


I mean to add I wouldnt ever kissa guy as Im straight .

I don't believe it. Twelve year olds? And EIGHTEEN of them? I don't even know eighteen people of my age who have kissed a boy, and I'm sixteen.

Wow. I know 18 people my age (16) who have done lots more then just kissed a guy.

I'm 16 and know MORE than 18 girls my age who have had sex......

Well they didn't probably mean with the tongue.. most girls 12 yo did have kissed a boy in their life (a cousin on the cheek..)

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I know some girls who've gone all the way at 12. Our society and morals are crumbling, believe it.

no, i know some 12 year old girls that go through boys faster than toilet paper.

lol...I know a 13 yr old boy who goes through more older girls than that

i know like 18 people my age (13-14) who have done way more then kissed..

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i have a younger sister whos 11 and theyve all kissed guys. trust me kids arent good like how they used to be. theyre all ***** wanna be's npw

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When I was 12 I was doing more than just kissing so. I don't know what to tell the OP.

@ all the replies to #5 What the **** is wrong with all you people? What has our society become that ******* 12 year olds are having sex? Does anybody have any moral values anymore? I swear we're all going to die of AIDS in the next few generations.

To #135, It's not good that young kids are having sex. I'm not endorsing it, I'm just saying it's what's happening now. Accept it.

Where are all these kids parents? Have parenting just started sucking in the past 10 years? At age 12 how do you even let them out of your sight?

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HAHAHAAHA!!! Gosh that made me laugh!! =)

Yeah, #135, I totally agree. The amount of people having sex at really young ages is ridiculous. Then again, it's always kinda been that way. So society's morals aren't really crumbling, they are just staying shit.


12 year olds having sex? thats just weird.. I can understand about 15 and older but 12?! that was.. 7th grade? Im pretty sure thats a little young. plus hell in 7th grade girls and boys basically look the same except for their hair length haha

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accepting it makes it okay. Its definitely not okay. I'm going to continue to NOT accept it.

I'm thirteen and most of the popular girls in my grade haven't kissed a guy. i know two have and a lot have told me they haven't yet I'm in the group just below them and I've dated guys but never kissed. But my grade isn't slutty at all we are really good with really few problems like that. the grade above us does drugs bur no one in our grade does. but the other middle school is know for their ***** so high school will be a change...

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my sister is 13 and she hasn't even hung out with a guy alone.. she still says ew to them. and I'm glad shes not a ***** like a lot of the younger teens and pre teens out there. I'd probably beat her ass.

Ohmygod! I'm a freshman, and I know so many people my age who've kissed, given ********, had sex… the list goes on and on.

Not all girls are a ***** want to be I'm 13 and haven't even been in a classroom alone with the door closed or open when a male student is the same classroom. Yes some people in my school have done more than kissed but not all younger children are ******.

If you were that embarrassed you could have just lied =D Besides, would you really want to go back and kiss someone you didn't like that much, just to be in league with a few 12 year olds at a party?

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i agree. i wouldve lied. the little kids probably wouldnt have caught you on it anyway.

I was just about to say... you should have lied, OP! It would have saved you some embarassment, and no one would have known. Besides, a few of those girls were probably lying, or bending the truth (i.e. "well I kissed my cousin, who's a boy. Doesn't that count?") Also, I don't know what anyone means by kiss thesedays. A simple kiss on the lips is not a big deal. I had my first simple kiss when I was like 11 with some girl in my class. The bigger deal is really when you had your first kiss-with-tongues. I'm 15 now, and haven't had my first kiss-with-tongues, and don't expect to for a few years. And I know plenty of people in the same boat.

i think she means (at least I do) any lip-to-lip contact where both people intended it to happen

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I made out with a monkey, does that count?

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dont trip i would have benn sitting right there with you . im 17 too 8D

Wtf?!?! Boohofuckinghoo, you havent kissed and -OMG- your 17?!?! So what?! God i hate the fml moderators this shouldnt have gotten in.. LOL jk.. Me being 1 of the pissy fmlers xD yh well, still not thatt bad

I wish that you had used a bit more punctuation here so that I could actually understand what your point was...

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wow #9. please, just stop talking, before i have to blow my brains out.

at least you won't have herpes by the time you find someone you'd really like to kiss.

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so she would have herpes if she had kissed someone by now?