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Today, I helped myself to a small glass of cocktail from the fridge, not realising it was alcoholic. I told my mom what happened. She made me drink salty water until I vomited so I wouldn't get "alcohol poisoning". I'm 19. FML
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gabrielbaby 9

Thank god your mother was there to save you from the evils of a sip of Satan's Brew! Just imagine, if she hadn't been there, you would have surely succumbed to the poison and the drunken hilarity that would have inevitably ensued!


TheHolyLama 0

cocktails don't usually contain alcohol?

AliCat18 12

you can get virgin cocktails noob!

YDI for being 19 and telling your mom. Mamma's boy

How do you know it is a boy? From what I can see gender isn't specified anywhere.

Alexisthebestest 16

Perhaps it was his mothers special spiked cocktail that she gives to any plumbers/builders that are doing work in her house... She may have indeed been saving him from alcohol poisoning!

So MrKlutch, what exacly are you supposed to do when you acidentally consume alcohol with your mum around? I know it has been mention but there is no gender after the username, so "mommas boy" is a worthless insult when you have no gender identification.

Lawzen_Rainbow 7

drinking age is 18 over here :)

xoconnie 8

why would u tell ur mom in the first place??? if you dont want to be treated like a baby... dont act like one!

TrixER 6

Har Har Har....****-tail.gigity gigity goo! ELO!

Wait wait wait guys hold on wtf are do you mean "if you don't want to be treated like a baby" and mamma's boy etc etc etc OP claims their mother made them drink salt water until they puked, that's not how you treat a baby, a boy or anyone. Do you lot, the ones trying to offend OP, seriously think forcing your child to puke by giving them SALTY water is perfectly acceptable?

gabrielbaby 9

142- I think they do! XD Your right. I hate when people say acting or being treated like a baby. It doesn't make sense. Thank you for pointing this out.

YDI for actually doing what she said.

You deserve for actualy doing what she said and not taking control of your own life and being your mother's little bitchboy. Grow some balls, and actually have fun for once.

I just want to point out that the OP probably told there mom they drank it, because she would be more pissed later if she found it missing?

I'd tell my mom, but only because my mother would never react like that

gabrielbaby 9

op's mom would've realized the cocktail was gone and probably would've thought he drank it on purpose

no one is honest these days.............

xk75 4

Right? Ydi op for acting like a child, no wonder you get treated like one.

TheCarChanel 0

Maby it's a super religious family and he doesn't want to go to hell

I would guess just as a "hey sorry, I drank your thing without realizing what it was" so it wouldn't seem like OP was purposely sneaking/stealing alcohol from the fridge. Most parents would be angry to find their alcohol suddenly missing, but understanding if the son/daughter admitted they took it by mistake.

How the hell was op acting like a child?

Thank god your mother was there to save you from the evils of a sip of Satan's Brew! Just imagine, if she hadn't been there, you would have surely succumbed to the poison and the drunken hilarity that would have inevitably ensued!

I know yur being a smartass but, I still feel like an idiot for not knowing what each of these words mean.

I recently downloaded the "Word of the Day"app! I'm always trying to expand my vocabulary.(:

Everything is bigger in Texas. Except 11s brain.

37 double posts and gets thumbed up....?

You know what this means. Yeah you're going to hell OP.

Oh well. Maybe ask for a dictionary for Christmas?

gabrielbaby 9

94- what are you even trying to say?

101 - 94 was pointing out that 90 said "look like stupid". Though 94 looked like an idiot doing so.

179 - read his blog if you can't get enough. It's actually quite interesting.

English being my third language, 11 being 19, me being an occasional analyst, I conclude a serious case of retardedness and/or poor education.

DirtyJerzey8083 7

Whatever you say tucker max wannabe

kittykat1501 31

Succumbed means "given into". And I think Hilery means something like chaos

Yep Hillary will indubitably lead us into the chaotic realms of the abyss known as Donald Trump's Locker

You could have refused to drink the salt water... you're 19 so you have a say in what you do.

Takuya272727 16

Unless she tries to force you to take it, or blackmail you or something. I think if my mom made me do something like that though, I'd make sure to aim for her when it all comes up.

Got to love Holland: - legal drinking age: 16 - legal drugs age: 18 Got to hate U.S. and UK: - legal drinking age: 21 - legal drugs age: NONE You must love us for our carelessess! :)

I don't see the need to make you puke! D:

Mackenzie99 6

Well when you have alcohol poisoning they make you throw up so that you get it out of your system before it causes your body to fail... But in his case it wasn't necessary aha poor guy ...

That really sucks I had to drink salt water once when I was sick it's soooo nasty

I had to drink it after getting my wisdom teeth out. Swishing salt water helps prevent dry socket, which is insanely painful.

kaykay20 0

Aren't you only suppose to swish it in your mouth then spit it out not swallow it?

ShroomsOnAcid 16

One of my friends did some kind of detox by drinking water that was not only extremely salty, but hot as well. Just hearing about it made me feel like puking my guts out.

There's a saltwater cleanse that, if done properly, makes you poo... A lot. Most people just end up spewing chunks though, so it's really lose/lose.

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jazzybaby179 22

You ma'am need to stop commenting already.

First of all you claimed that you lived with OP, and now you call OP, "OP" not by her real name or nickname, like a sibling would usually do. Unless you meant "When I lived with my mom, she couldn't get me to..." Secondly, if she didn't mean to drink anything alcoholic, why would she drink whiskey?

BehindU 5

#9 is talking about when she lived with her mom not OP.

Teresa, put a comma after "her" and the comment will make a lot more sense. Here's my palm - feel free to use it.

styphon 5

God dam* you speak like English is your second language

Did you lie about your age on your profile? You seem a bit: a) rebellious for someone that has moved out, b) you don't know simple words, and c) your sentence structure matches that of a two legged frog that just got stomped on by you and speaks English as a 4th language. But who am I to judge, it's my second language :(

128- I would like to congratulate you for speaking English as a secondary language more effectively than many of those who have it as a primary language.

148, thank you. I'd like to congratulate you on picking disturbed as your default picture. Unless my phone is glitching... Then I apologize.

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TheDrifter 23

Well I have a collection of mixed juice "cocktail"s as the cartons call them in my fridge. maybe op is naive enough to think is was a little glass bottle of juice and not a vodka cooler?

Only some cocktail waitresses are alcoholics.