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Bunged up

Today, after months of incredibly painful stomach cramps, I convinced my mom that I needed to see a doctor. Not even 2 minutes into the exam, the doctor tells me that I'm heavily constipated and advised some "prune juice" to help "clear all that shit out". My mom won't stop laughing at me. FML
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They can't actually tie themselves in a knot, but there is something called 'twisted bowel syndrome' where your intestines get wrapped around each other and it causes blockage. My neighbors dog died from it.

  emilyjgraham  |  34

Quit complaining 8! Everyone knows that women get monthly cramps!
I'm just thinking how they haven't realised they've not been regular for the past few months? Surely that wouldn't go a miss???

  MilkyFilmz  |  26

Where the hell did you hear that?

By  hordriss  |  14

Really mean of your mother to laugh at you though. Having suffered many different issues with my digestive system I sympathise as they are all fucking painful.

By  badgirl00069  |  19

should watch what ur ingesting from now on could have something to do with it my bf had the same issue but cause of the food he ate gave him a gas bubble in his intestines

  MilkyFilmz  |  26

Oh,and please acknowledge the use of a period.

  Wizardo  |  33

Now you have me curious to how you actually do speak with your patients, I bet they get dehydrated from all the tears they shed and you charge extra for the saline drip they need to hydrate again... evil yet genius.

  KiddoKS  |  19

Product idea... Crap calendars. They will come with several brownish colored pencils so you can draw a pic to track color and consistency also. No really, I'm gonna be a millionaire!