By imfullthanks - 14/03/2009 23:06 - Norway

Today, my mother had to take a stool sample because she has been ill for several days. Curious, I eventually had to ask, "How did you intercept the poo before it got submerged in water?" She yelled from the other room, "You know that little plate with the red stripe?" I was eating off it. FML
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so how did the beef taco taste?

did someone order the poo poo platter? ha


so how did the beef taco taste?

Probably the same as the first time. Doubling up, I see?

so how did the beef taco taste?

did it taste good? maybe she need a pee sample too... explains the yellow liquid you were drinking

It tasted *puts on sunglasses* crappy.


omfg thats gross

check out op's username.

did someone order the poo poo platter? ha

LMAO this sounds like something out of a movie

She was obviously joking. There's no reason for her to describe the plate in that detail. If she didn't know you were using that plate, and she actually DID use a plate, she'd have just said, "I used a plate."

Because you know how every person would act in a given situation, right?

Is your mom religious? cuz if so, HOLY SHIT!

Who on earth would take a plate to poop in it? Any newspaper or something useless would have done its job better..

Lol newspapers can rip

Plastic bag? Plastic disposable tupperware?