By sh3n-D - Denmark - Herning
Today, I was having a debate with my friend, who actually believes karma is real. He got very angry with me and stormed off, tripping over his own feet in the process. I laughed and asked what he'd done in a past life to deserve that one. He responded by getting up and punching me. FML
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  ripresno  |  10

Personally I've never had good karma. Once I gave a homeless man five dollars only to be jumped soon after. Life's a bitch. There are mean and rude people out there who get everything they want. Yet some people are extremely nice and friendly and the worst shit happens to them. There's no sense in that. Fuck karma.

  br0ccoli  |  14

I think people are hesitant to believe in karma because it's too 'spiritual' or 'religious' or 'new age mumbo jumbo.' However, for the logical people out there, karma does exist in scientific terms.

It's called Newton's 3rd law of motion. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. That sounds very similar to the very definition of karma.

Not trying to convince anyone--just putting it out there.

  meihua  |  19

So going by Newtons 3rd law, I'm going to go help someone. Equal and opposite reaction: someone hurts me as much as I helped said person,
So just an excuse to be an asshole

  22cute  |  17

Karma is actually the patterns you create by your own choices and reactions. Given a certain situation you choose the same action/feeling each time. The things that happen to you are just opportunities to make better choices. Once you've changed your entrenched patterns of reactions that "bad karma" becomes good.

You can see how easily you get into patterns and choose the same lousy reaction regardless of the poor outcome the last time. Now imagine how making that same bad choice for many lifetimes would create a rut that feels impossible to get out of. That's karma!
It's actually more logical and more controllable than most people think.

  insanexnh  |  13

If you read carefully, you can understand what I was saying. "...stormed off... I asked what he had done in his past life to deserve that one." I'm pretty sure that that is mocking somebody.

  Marcella1016  |  31

19 - Your words "invalid beliefs" made the rest of your point moot. When it comes to the intangible, who's to say what is invalid or not? Viewpoints like yours are why we still have wars between religions and fights against the progress of science.

If more people said "live and let live," rather than "screw you, my opinion is more valid than yours," the world would be a much better place...

  Drigr  |  9

The way I see it, him tripping goes to build up bad things for a good karma pay out. I see karma differently than most. Good deeds will make less bad to happen to you. And bad things that happen, mean something good will happen in the future. Also, karma owned your ass OP

  br0ccoli  |  14

59-Exactly. It's not about whether one religion is better than the other. That's just ego driven finger-pointing and elitism.

If I was a divine father, I would be angry that my 'kids' are ego-tripping and condemning each other instead of loving each other. I honestly think we, as a whole, are being separated by the trivialities of spirituality and beliefs.

I mean, i think even Athiests believe in the golden rule. It's instinctual to love but I think we are programmed by society to separate and hate. And for what?

  meihua  |  19

Of course atheist believe in the golden rule. At is core, Christianity, and all religions are simply a philosophy. It is these so called Christians, Muslims, and other followers of religion that twist it. I am an atheist but I agree with the values of Christianity. Not necessarily the people.

  baddawg365  |  0

88- Who the fuck says a rape victim should marry their rapist?!! I have never heard that before your post.

Edit: 104- WHAT? You are atheist but you believe in Christianity.... How does that work