By Rohirus - 07/06/2012 23:09 - Sweden

Today, during the early hours, I got hungry and went to grab something to eat. I entered the kitchen, only to see my stark-naked dad sitting at the table, eating cereal and reading the paper. He just nodded at me and said, "Son." I think I need a new pair of eyes. FML
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TheFamilyElf 17

You know what they say. It's only awkward if you make it awkward. Just kidding, that's awkward as hell any way you slice it.

blondebrunette11 4

Did he wink when he said "Son" ..?


EvilTwerp 12

Does your dad normally call you 'Son'?

asoptavlo14 6

What kind of question is that?

EvilTwerp 12

Haha no, not all that desperate. Just couldn't think of anything else to say. I suppose today is just another downvote type of day... Edit: His dad could have said "hey there squirt".

13 - That's an awkward nickname especially if he's naked, ew

EvilTwerp 12

Which would make it that much more of an fml. Some people have favorite nicknames. Just saying.

stormer461 13

I admit I laughed but only because it was so stupid.

My parents usually address me by name. I've never been spoken to so formally as to warrant the word "son" preceding the rest of the sentence.

hunterluv1 20

If you couldn't think of anything to say you wouldnt have commented .. Yet you did, showing you were desperate to have that first comment. have a nice say xx

IdfkMyUsernamexC 5

1 - Don't mean to sound stupid... But all I could think of was "huh?".

Well the OP put son in " " for some reason.

13- is that what your father addresses you by when he's eating cereal naked? ..squirt.

83- yeah, he did. the reason being he's quoting someone so he's using quotation marks. the world has come to a sad state if people assume quotation marks mean that what's inside them must be in a joking manner. I mean, hello! 2nd grade English!!

I'm favoriting this because of this thread. This is a prime example of firstpostitis.

blondebrunette11 4

Did he wink when he said "Son" ..?

Yinky 6

Wtf who cares, what type of cereal was he eating?!

baddawg365 0

What does it matter if he left the fridge open?!

I kind of care what kind of cereal his dad was eating... :(

You guys are missing the point! How were the newspaper comics that day!?

jojimugo 20

Burn that chair. Don't forget to tell us what you ate to calm your munchies.

blondebrunette11 4

117- You should make that an fml..

95 - new rule: all newspapers must be read naked.

baddawg365 0

How the **** is he like his father? Unless you mean having munchies in the wee hours of the morning. Then I retract my little tirade.

Should walk in acting normal and nod back with a "dad", then up to your room and freak there. He obviously didn't expect anyone else to be up at that time. I've gotten up naked before to eat when I was hungry, it's not big deal really, just bring a blanket incase someone else could get up.

I believe that I would need a new pair of eyes as well after seeing that.

Try having a friend over and your old grandfather in just sitting in his sucks but I feel bad for ya op

Hiimhaileypotter 52

46- At least your grandpa wasn't naked...

TheFamilyElf 17

You know what they say. It's only awkward if you make it awkward. Just kidding, that's awkward as hell any way you slice it.

baddawg365 0

Even more so if he kept trying to make eye contact.

wlddog 14

Maybe he should have stripped down and joined his dad at the table for his own bowl of cereal.

That's one image you're not getting out of your head.

Weirdo, the way you said it makes it sound like you want the image in your head creepy....

SystemofaBlink41 27

In what form does the comment suggest he wants the image in his head?

Yeah 9, you're such a "weirdo"...why would you say such a normal response?!?! Lol...40, prrrretty such you took it the wrong way there bud. Think 9 meant that that isn't an image that's ever going to leave his mind by the sheer fact that OP is scarred for life by what he saw. Some people, I swear.

Sorry 86, I misread his comment, I thought he said "that's one image you're not getting out of my head" I don't know why =

Like father, like son! Looks like you'll be needing a new pair of eyes too!

WearingHats 14

I imagine his wife needs crutches...

Just making the comment now, reposts are for blatant homosexuals, keep that in mind next time. Just in case you can't understand why you are being thumbed down so mercilessly.

That's gotta hurt. It's too bad you didn't have any of those eclipse glasses like on Tuesday...

2ndSucks 15

I don't think the brightness of his dad's penis was the problem, unfortunately.

I call sleepwalker! Dude has to be dreaming, otherwise FYL

Stfu, how come he has to be dreaming? just get out of here

Sounds like the opening to a very weird porno.

Why do people keep saying this whenever there is a FML with naked parents in it? Just because you see your parents naked doesn't mean you're going to start having sex with them! I would be scared for life! My first reaction to seeing my parents naked or doing oral would definitely not be incest, but maybe that's just me (although I seriously hope not)

Tis only a meme, my squeamish friend.

Not sure that the hell you watch, but...