By Chey - 22/03/2012 22:13 - United States - Bakersfield

Today, I was learning to drive a stick when a cop decided to pull me over just to laugh at me. FML
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waresjake 3

Don't worry, I still love you

Yeah. I totally agree. They only keep entire communities as safe as possible. Total dicks.


nickharbut 6

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Yeah. I totally agree. They only keep entire communities as safe as possible. Total dicks.

lol based on that I can deduce that most cops are against the environment since they drive cars that use gas...only to "catch criminals" and "save lives" what a waste of gas right, lol.

Your bad at the first comment haha, 2nd one I've seen you get thumbed to sh** for. And sorry OP "some" cops are brutal.

Hey #21, lol if you are talking to me all I can say is... Haters Gonna Hate!!! (prepare for the thumbs down this comment will get, lmao)

I thumbed you down for being 18 years old and still using the word "hater" to describe anyone who doesn't lick your ass. You're welcome.

Ha ha ha! Nice one #25 Well played sir, sir well played...

I love that song! And I think he was referring to the actual 1st commenter, you see the number one up there? ^^

YOU are a dick. The police officer had any number of reasons to pull over OP - ranging from a goodwill check to make sure the driver is physically alright to drive to simply making sure the car isn't stolen. Grow up and stop wasting the first response comment if you cannot do any better than your last two.

Yeah, anarchy would be so much better. We could even get a dictator and have a really special nice military force keeping the "law" instead of those meanie cops! Too bad North America police force is not like 3rd world countries, right? Shut the **** up and be grateful, bitch.

natepooch 4

As a guy going in to the police academy in the next couple months...I get a real good feeling I'm gonna be loved by everybody after reading all these comments.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

Fuck the calm down, people. Face it, cops ARE dicks, but #1 didn't say he's against them. Stop getting butthurt with your sarcastic comments of getting rid of them or that shit about anarchy. FFS.

wlddog 14

Don't worry 79. 64 is just pissed because he keeps getting caught.

I take it none of you wonderful citizens have been harassed by an naive if you think cops are wonderful... Y'all are describing their jobs not them it all depends on da officer.... Believe it or not cops are assholes wen dey wanna be n doing their job doesn't excuse them

wlddog 14

87 - dealing with the public at large makes anyone a little nuts. You should become a cop and show everyone how it should be.

Naw I like helpin people but I'm more of vigilante I couldn't make it my career if you need a song written however datz me all point though was the people commenting on this thread were acting like because Dere cops n "save lives" dey can't be dicks...everyone is an asshole sometime or other it's part of life

They only want to be there wen ur doing a minor offense but wen U REALLY need them they either show up too late are on the bad guys side or there just not there at all to show up surprisingly like wen your side light is missing

We get thumbed down together :D

Hey # 25 ur just a hater u hater

I agree most cops are dicks. There job is riding around in there cars giving people a hard time for nothing. They are not a hero when a real crime is committed most of the candy asses are hiding

chels1994 11

Some cops are dicks, sure. However, so are tons of people who aren't cops. Anybody can be a douchebag if they want to.

cobaltss06 1

No you are a dick! "goodwill checks" are harassment and if they wanted to check if the car is stolen all they had to do was run the plate. Op didn't need pulled over cuz the cop can follow them to run the plate. It's simply an abuse of power for the cop. Not all cops are bad but 90% of them are dirty or abuse their power

natepooch 4

119 I love you!! thanks for understanding

chels1994 11

It's no problem. I just don't like generalizing people like that at all... it's just my view on things (:

Donk93 0

Most cops abuse their "powers" so yes, cops are dicks.

Haters gonna hate.

dont u mean cops are sticks

TheElderTROLLZ 15

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HAHAHAHAHAHA! You're an idiot.

I bet you live in your mum's basement eating Doritos all day, watching the scary outside world go by You. Bloody shit, shrike has a visible profile now?

TheElderTROLLZ 15

33 - That is true and I'm still not fat. So, while you and your friends thumbs this comment down, remember that.

That would just imply that the cop is American

walshboy 0

**** you ****, from all Americans

waresjake 3

Don't worry, I still love you

I love you too. No ****.

Bromance! Anyone? No? *crawls back under rock*

mwrc8man94 1


TheEpicMilkMan 13

do you have any room under that rock? I need to escape from Georgia for a while :3

You should be practicing somewhere like a parking lot until you learn how to properly drive stick. That way, you don't get pulled over, and you don't kill yourself!

Or kill others... o_O

No, you can learn stick while driving anywhere, you can't get up to 5th in a parking lot or even 4th or 3rd . So they would only be using first and second, which is kinda pointless. Just remember clutch down, change gear. All the way down. When you stop the car always go back to 1st gear

First of all you cant drive a stick I havent seen anyone break a branch off hopp on an drive off but that would be cool so you were learning how to drive standard your confusing people lol at least me here thinking dam you can actually drive a stick

Blacksabbath211 9

99- When you stop the car toss it in neutral o.0 unless you are on an incline of some sort, then put the car in either first gear or reverse depending on which gear will fight the hill so your car does not roll:) (I think that's the safer way to park so you don't accidentally stall the car :) )

133, I meant like stopping at lights etc. I didn't make that clear :)

breeY0 7

ten bucks he can't even drive stick..jerk !

20 says he can, that's why he pulled OP over. to laugh because he can and OP was having a tough time learning.

$30 says #6 comment is going to get buried really quickly :D!

^ I'm going to 40$

You'll get better with practice though. Just make sure you get the hang of it on flat surfaces.

Why the hell can't you yanks drive manual? It's always a big thing if you can 'drive stick' but over here there's gota be something wrong with you if you can't...

I was learning to drive stick on a dirt road in my dads car. I then tried to get used to my car, which is stick but much bigger and harder to get used to. I ended up spinning out of control and tripped the car on the berm. Ended up needing to replace the passenger door and fender. Haven't finished the repairs quite yet.

Cool story bro?

At least you didn't get a ticket! I learned how to drive stick in grade 4. But I'm a farm girl. :)

TheElderTROLLZ 15

Lucky you! Seriously.

Dad sent me into the pasture with nothin' but an old Fargo and a set of keys. Scariest/awesomest day of my life!

starman02 12

Aw man eh? LOL what a troll of a cop! Keep practicing you'll get the hang of it eventually!

CuteDumBlonde64 11

Welcome to the state of georgia.

jazziness 12

At the top for location it says California. -_-

Her username does say "Dum"....