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Today, I was in a big Skype chat, which somehow turned into a heated argument. My friend lost it, typed "your stupid" and called me a "looser." When I pointed out the irony of his messages, he rage-quit, drove all the way to my house, and punched me in the face at the door. FML
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When people are losing an argument all they do is correct the other person's grammar. Tsk tsk.

Next time don't answer your door when someone with a big temper is banging it down.


I'm a dumbass. Just throwing it out there.

Reading is an ability which comes in handy when you're on the internet. You should try to master that skill once.

1- Actually, according to another fml comment, it's dumpass*.

6- kinda ironic that you didn't read the comment you were replying to at all...well either that or your so starved for attention in real life that you were replying to the first comment just so people would notice yours, so what is it, your an attention *****, or you just never learnt to read?

113- Apparently you never learned the difference between "your" and "you're".

Wow. Calm down. #1 changed his comment 2 minutes after my comment. It said something really stupid about the FML before, hence my comment. Now my comment looks stupid.

When people are losing an argument all they do is correct the other person's grammar. Tsk tsk.

sugarshane007 20

Damn you changed your comment making mine pointless! It truly is sad that some people have no better life.

So the moment you correct anyone's grammar or spelling, your arguments magically become untrue? That's a logical fallacy if ever I saw one. Edit: You edited your comment, huh? I guess you realized how moronic it was.

I didnt change it, just corrected it. How is that not having a life?

XDsmileyDX_fml 24

@11 Can we start a cooled one?

No, but its usually what happens when people are losing an argument :)

sugarshane007 20

#13, you corrected it. I had pointed out that you misspelt sad. I was trolled by the edit feature and took that time to display good 'ol hipocrisy.

No... when people are losing an argument, they tend to start hurling insults and fists, generally to ease the "thinking cramps"

I changed my comment before i even saw yours though. Sorry anyways.

And fyi i didn't mispell 'sad', i meant to say 'said' :)

I'm going to ignore the rest of the argument and simply say that #2 has a point

I agree 100% People are going to make mistakes, it is inevitable. not only are the people that correct other people spelling jerks, it proves that they cant think of a rebuttal and have to resort to something irrelevant to make themselves seem smart. It is one of the few things that truly grinds my gears.

Axel5238 29

Grasping at straws though is frequent, if anything personal attacks or minor criticisms tend to come in to gain ground in the argument such going after minor spelling error as if that discredits the entirety of what they are saying. Can't count how many arguments I've had where some tried to make minor criticisms just to gain some ground back in the argument or stretching things so far out whatever point they were trying to make doesn't really work.

Can I just say that this rage-quitters reaction says more about who lost and who won than the correcting of grammar? When (physical) aggression starts, you've pretty much lost in my eyes :P

generalasskicker 12

Hey lets just all beat the shot out of each other hard to argue with swollen lips

I hate that feeling, people correcting me during an argument when I don't care. Makes me madder. YDI

Llamacod 11

what happens when people correct you during an argument when you do care?

3- If you really didn't care, you wouldn't be more upset if someone corrected you.

I think 3 meant he doesn't care about the error, not the argument.

3, wouldn't it be easier to just correct yourself or think twice than to get angry about someone else doing it for you?

You didn't hit him back? It's loser not looser.

Next time don't answer your door when someone with a big temper is banging it down.

Most doors have a peephole for a reason. OP should use it next time. Still, FYL OP...

With friends like this, who need enemies?

sugarshane007 20

Skype is serious business, as you just discovered. The more you know...

Llamacod 11

thank you after school special

sugarshane007 20

I tried doing a School House Rock song, but they never really wrote one covering how to take a fist to the face.

The gift for debate of some people just astounds me.

And people say that internet warriors are harmless and just sit behind their keyboards. He sure proved the stereotype wrong!

I wish more people had his gumption

Pipe down 26. Go get some gumption yourself

RpiesSPIES 27

#26 However, that may lead to a grown man I.P. tracing a kid in the U.K., driving to his house, then beating him for a horrendous attitude on a video game.