By LaurenB - 07/06/2012 18:12 - United States - Epping

Today, after a very painful mouth surgery, I went home to take a nap. Then my nose started bleeding, so I stuck a tissue in it and fell asleep. When I woke up, I was so high from painkillers that when I saw the tissue, I thought it was a ghost. I screamed so loud I burst a stitch. FML
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olpally 32

A sense of humor... I can't believe I just had to explain that... :/


olpally 32

31- you have no sense of humor... Go find it...

olpally 32

A sense of humor... I can't believe I just had to explain that... :/

xoconnie 8

33- His sense of humor..... lmao, 32, people these days just dont use their brains

reddudeover 2

Alternatively she could call the nosebusters. *Taps myself on the shoulder *Asks me to leave

And while you're at it, Ghostbusters can find 31s sense of humor.

40-It's compeltely baffling how much you are missing the point. They said you need to get a sense of humor BECAUSE you were pointing out that it isn't funny. Because obviously, a lot of people did find it funny. Do you get it now? I hope for your sake that you do.

Nobody is stopping you from stating your opinion dumbass. Just like you have a right to say that her comment isn't funny, I have a right to say that you are probably one of the most dense human beings I've come across in a while. So go ahead and state it. But we don't have to agree with it, and we can sure as hell thumb you down for it.

40- I'm laughing my ass off, sorry to disappoint you "O Humorless One"

Ooh look at this pole. I'm going to slide down it.

Since nobody said it before, exodusthapower: STFU!

69) you missed the dots, and there were no exclamation marks either -.-

Google ghostbusters and I'm sure an explanation will be there. In the event your to lazy to google ghostbusters I'll tell you that it's a movie about guys catching ghosts.

Reddawn I hope sincerely once again you are joking this is the second time in two days I have face palmed at your comment..and why is your name reddawn if you havent seen that many older movies?

p3mguin 7

He didn't see one movie, ONE! It's ghostbusters, it's a movie, not something everybody saw in the country. You are face palming because somebody hasn't seen a movie. IM DONE

I'd rather call the Winchester boys.... I've always wanted to meet them! (Supernatural reference:D)

kriz_allizwell 6

No, 101 I'm face palming because multiple times on fml's he has just been utterly ignorant.

Please Exodust, get the **** off of FML

IdfkMyUsernamexC 5

No, it's not. With the pain in mind, I don't understand your sense of humor.

himynameischeese 6

U think it's funny, but if it was u, damn it would hurt!

^ 76, I doubt it would hurt as much if OP was THAT high on painkillers. But she might've said: "Owwww, teehee! o:" [Opiates are baaaad, bad things. :)..]

Everyone has their own opinion, huh

43 it's funny BECAUSE of the pain. Hehe silly girl

IdfkMyUsernamexC 5

93 - Just didn't find it funny. Not everyone laughs at pain, you know. :)

117- Some do, some don't. Boo hoo. Move on.

OP didn't post it for sympathy, people generally laugh at FML posts; she knew this and that's probably why she posted it

Oh the joy of mistakingly seeing teh wrong thing.

No, teh* is what I meant to write actually.

Spelling 'the' wrong doesn't make you cool

Complaining about it won't make you 'cool' either.

Gee guys, let people do they're own thing! You're cool, zombs

The noise ruptured the stitch? Or the movement?

buckeye08 10

You're so stupid of course it was the movement dumbass you think the noise is going to do that?

Your an idiot, it specifically says " I screamed so loud I burst a stitch " maybe actually read the fml. LOL

KiddNYC1O 20

I'm pretty sure the stretching did it.

Exactly, I was questioning what they wrote, fuckheads.

22, take some midol and chill the **** out.

olpally 32

14- holy run-on sentence batman! use punctuation. 16- you're* and it's nose, not noise... Good lord... There, I just saved the grammar nazis' a lot of work... Damn... Lol

olpally 32

Noise is correct, my bad... *cue the thumbs down*

Lol fuckhead, your cute. K so liek since ur to stupid to understand this fml i'll break it down for you (:. Because he got scared and screamed ur liek mouth opens when u scream, so liek that kinda bursted a stitch in his mouth from teh mouth surgery he just got. Lol n00b.

Haha really? I had no idea, thanks for clearing that up! But seriously, I just meant it's the movement, not the sound.

olpally, #38 needs some "liek" help, please.

olpally 32

...she was obviously talking like that on purpose.

#53 Oh really? I thought she was doing it on accident. My bad. Lets just al tlk lik dis n hope no1 gets annyd. LOL.

olpally 32

53- I knew she was typing like that on purpose... I was responding to mrsassypants request to help 38... Lol.. Just doing my job :D

MissSassyPants and Alicianoar's pictures look I similar I got confused, at one point I thought the poster was talking to themselves lol.

53) is your picture mean't to be mocking mrsassypants?

BeMyLove15 10

It's a shame when someone actually tries to make themselves look stupid by the way they spell.

chels1994 11

This thread made me laugh for a solid minute and a half

^liek lern 2 spell kk? Then maybe people will know what you're trying to say.

MarisaCB 16

My favorite thread ever. and-- dafuq? noise ruptures stitches? what am the sky?

*you're Good try making a pass at the grammar Nazi though.

To 38, sorry I liek forgot her number.

How can you even... why would the noise.. what.

Thanks xD man idgaf if all of you hate on me LOL. It's just fml guys calm down.

Zombiegore, welcome to FML. Home to the grammar nazis.

38- u shuld liek let go of that liek dumb valley girl accent liek its really annoying and liek so are u. And your comments are liek totally not liek funny at all. Must I throw a dictionary at your head?

Oh wait. Nevermind... She didn't use 'liek' as many times as I thought she did..... You can thumb me down now.

#132 dont worry i wont liek thumb u down. Cuz thats liek 4 meenies.

Maybe he/she thought the vibrations could.... Yeah still doesn't make sense, but to answer your question it was most likely the movement. Just a guess though (I forgot their number so I am just going to say person that made the comment we are commenting on.)

kingatowning 2

Actually a certain amount of decibels can rupture a stitch but im pretty sure the movement helped too.

Damn, thats horrible. I hope you get better. But seriously, next time take a minute to figure out what you're staring at before screaming uncontrollably...

It's kinda hard to think straight when you're hopped up on pain pills.

Opheliac73 8

7, if I saw a ghost then I wouldn't hang around for a minute inspecting it and contemplating whether or not it was a legit ghost. I'd scream like a little girl before the tissue killed me.

64 - But why would you scream so much at the thought of a ghost? They're just imaginary.

KiwiKitten 2

91, Please explain to me your reasoning for thinking I am an idiot.

That's what the ghost wants you to think.

I was thinking the exact same thing 9. And the blood on the ghost's tip of the head shows he has a huge thirst for blood.


who else read this in Stan Smith's voice?

Finally, a comment that is good. All have been buried since the 1st one. Got a load of lame ass's in the humor department today I see.

Something similar happened today in my house... Are you sure you're not my brother? x'D -just saw you're a female. Never mind.

snowleopardlove 0

Your profile picture is pretty. I want to steal it... O_o


But Casper doesn't scare people. He's a friendly ghost. :)

That's must be awfully painful. Wouldn't wish that on anyone.