By AsianSensation - 15/12/2014 03:30 - Canada - Toronto

Today, my new friend tried to introduce me to "American Culture," as I am new to the city. He explained what a hamburger is and how it differs from the Asian food I was used to eating. I moved from Seattle and have worked at Burger King. FML
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Reread the post... I don't think you know what's going on...


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I don't think this is an FML because the OP works at BK. It is an FML because OP's friend is ignorant.

Reread the post... I don't think you know what's going on...

I'd be ******* pissed at the racism at play here. Shoulda kicked some ass OP!!

So apparently it automatically redirects your comment if the words "#1" (or any other # presumably) are in your post

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I'm really not seeing how that has anything to do with OP's new friend's stupidity. Also, yeah, reread the FML you didn't quite grasp it.

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Yeah him having a job had nothing to do with this post. He stated the fact that he worked at Burger King because his friend just assumed that because he's Asian that automatically implies he must not know what a burger looks like. Which, in my opinion, is really ignorant.

Yes you have to go back and firmly grasp this post

Never seen so many down votes on a post before... I tried clearing the screen hoping to see a "+"... Didn't work.

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Your friend is super smart. Really takes the time to get to know you....oh wait....he doesn't.

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It says this FML is from Canada so I'm guessing OP moved to Canada :)

oh I thought your thing says ur from Ontario Canada.

That's where he moved to. (American usually means "USA-ean", but techincally any place in The Americas has "American Culture". Especially Canada, which is, probably, the largest country there.)

#14 largest by area or population?...

First by Land area. Sixth by population

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35 - Uh, there are only 3 countries in North America.

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#41, There are more than three countries in North America. Central America without Mexico, which you're counting as one of the three, is also North America. That includes Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, etc.

@41 uhh there's also South America, and Central America. in his post before that he clearly said "the America's" which would mean all three.

51- the "Americas" are not countries though...

so your Canadian friend tried to introduce you to the American Culture...

North America... The United States, then there's South America which is Mexico, Canada is part of the Americas. We were too lazy to make up a new name.

#32 Mexico is in North America though, right?

Um no mofo canada is its own country and america didn't name us! We got the name from the first nation people that lived here :)

#37 umm no, your continent, and country got it's name from the Italian explorer and caetographer (map maker) amerigo vespucci. whats really saddening is people from other parts of the world tend to know more about American history and geography than some Americans.

#37 is from Canada, which was not named by or for anything to do with Vespucci. It's named after a Huron-Iroquois word for village/settlement "kanata". The continent of North America was named after Vespucci but not the countries of Canada and Mexico. It is common vernacular that America refers to the United States but it isn't technically correct as it is only one country on the continent. That also excludes South America, also named for Vespucci.

Amerigo Vespucci named the continent. Canada was named by Jacques Cartier who took the name for 'Village' or 'Town' and confidently told everyone else that it was the name of the land. So I guess #37 was accurate about the name of the country. What's really saddening is that foreigners don't read the whole comment before correcting someone. Incorrectly. I can make inaccurate and sweeping statements too. See?

@32 you should probably stay in school..

"I moved from Seattle and have worked at Burger King. " Did you tell him that, OP? If you think he should guessed where you're from by your accent, I kinda have to say you two might be a matched pair. (I'm saying you're racist for assuming you can tell who is an immigrant just by the way they talk)

Except that the guy assumed OP didn't know what American culture or burgers even are just because OP is Asian. Who is being racist here?

You're saying OP is being racist...against himself? Also, I'm relatively sure almost everyone has at least heard of a hamburger, immigrant or not.

"You're saying OP is being racist...against himself?" Well, no (although that's actually a thing.) I'm saying he is either expecting too much from his Canadian friend (to magically know he wasn't born in Asia) or too little from native Asians (that this is a task literally anyone can accomplish.) It's hard to say which without further comments from the OP.

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They do indeed have McDonald's all over in the rest of the world

#24 Expecting too much of his Canadian friend? I don't think so. The guy just assumed that because OP is Asian, he couldn't possibly have ever eaten anything else than Asian food. That's a bit stupid to be honest. Like someone said, there are American fast food restaurants all over the world, you don't have to be in North America to know what a burger is. And it's even weirder because OP is from Seattle, so I'm assuming that he doesn't have any accent that could have made the guy think "Alright, this is a new immigrant from Asia, I'm going to show him American culture."

Good point about McDonalds. I guess there's no excuse for introducing people to hamburgers. Suggestion withdrawn.

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... seriously... please tell me you're joking...

Well did he know that? If he's a new friend then details like that could have not been mentioned yet.

Lack of an accent should have been his first clue that OP isn't foreign.